Monday, July 13, 2009

During Financial Storm, Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

According to Robert Kiyosaki,
the rules of capitalism have changed since 1971.
(see video clips @ for why)

Under this new capitalism
as Kiyosaki pointed out,
people who saves money (actually currency)
will lose.

In his teachings, he suggests
investment that generates monthly cash flow.

In situation where there isn't enough money
for cashflow investment,
he recommends turning the currency on hand
into Gold or Silver which are closest to real money.

Kiyosaki especially recommends investing in Silver now
to cushion a great financial storm ahead,
anticipated in the next 2-3 years
-- this crisis will be worsen by USD
which is being printed at a rate of in quad trillion p.a.
to "pay for debts"

Silver was once very abundant
and therefore not many people pay attention to it;
today, silver is so scarce that
the circulating amount of silver on Earth
is many fold below that of gold.

Silver is deminishing because
silver has been heavily used
in modern electronic and electrical industries,
silver is constantly thrown away
along with the used EE devices.

It's anticipated that in the next few years,
when the economy worsens,
Silver may fetch a price 40-100x higher than current price.

To buy silver bullion coins/bars for investment,
try out these 2 reliable companies which offer decent prices:
-- recommended by Kiyosaki
-- now ship to Malaysia and Singapore
-- may also opt to keep your silver in their vaults
-- my biz partners and I have already bought some from them
-- requires customers to call in to purchase bullion coins/bars
-- may purchase collector silver coins online, but more expensive

Enjoy the silver shopping spree :)

Good day,
Kee Yew

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