Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Started on a Healthy Veg Life

7 years ago,
I decided to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle,
due to multiple reasons, inclusive of:
soul searching
health consciousness
(alarm from my dad who died of colon cancer)
influence of a very nice friend, Vivien.

Like many others,
I was concerned about nutritional imbalance
at first.

But after much reading on
vegetarian and nutritional articles
-- with a lot of help from
the Vegetarian Society of Singapore (VSS),
I gathered some confidence and courage
to start off my vegetarian path.

My vegetarian path
has been surprisingly smooth since then.
Thanks to the resources at the VSS!

In order to help other veg beginners
to go through a smooth transition,
also as a gesture of thanking VSS,
I compiled a Vegetarian Starter Kit.

May this little kit bring big impacts in
improving your health,
saving more innocent animals and
healing mother Earth =)

With Gratitude,
Kee Yew


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