Sunday, July 19, 2009

Advice from Prof Colin Campbell

I was at Professor Colin Campbell's seminar
last Saturday.

This author of the world renowned book,
"The China Study" ,
was re-assuring that
whole-food, plant-based nutrition
is the way to control, mitigate and cure
degenerative diseases (e.g. cancer).

He emphasized that
in disease management,
there is a proven scientific track of
Nutritional Control of Genes.

This means that
despite the genetic predisposition of a disease,
nutritional administration will significantly
influence the manifestation of the disease.

In other words, if one's diet is properly managed
(at low fat, low protein, whole-food, plant-based)
it is possible to prevent/reverse
a degenerative disease like cancer.

Prof. Colin Campbell also introduced
his foundation
where more updates/info are available.

One may also sign up
correspondence courses via the website
to further understand a proper plant based diet.

Enjoy surfing =)
Kee Yew


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