Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Responsible To The Environment, Go Organic!

One of the most common perceptions
about organic food,
when I surveyed in my past vegetarian classes,
is that
organic food is uncontaminated
and is very good for our health.

While this is a very true perception
on organic food,
I will usually try to divert my students' focus
on its positive impact on the environment
rather than just personal bodily health.

The word Organic is coined in recent decades
to contrast the concept of chemical agriculture.
Intrinsically, Organic Agriculture means
sustainable agriculture,
in opposed to the unsustainable chemical agriculture.

Chemical agriculture not only
introduces a lot of toxins in our body,
it also kills the microenvironment of the soil,
and eventually leads to permanent damage of the land.

Human beings have lived on Earth
for almost uncountable number of years, and
our ancestors have never claimed that
there is not enough land or not enough food to live on.
It's only in recent decades,
our generation faces the lack of land
due to the increasing land damage of chemical farming.

We can yell a thousand big words
on the street or in the newspaper,
in the name of environment protection;
but mother Earth will never get well
if we do not take action to exercise our due responsibililty.

Today, you may take your first baby step,
by visiting one of the organic stores listed here :D


Well wishes,
Kee Yew


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