Friday, July 31, 2009

Transforming The Soul Through Loving-Kindness

In my early days of Buddhism learning,
I couldn't make much progess,
due to a lot of frustration and prejudice
against a lot of imperfections in this world.

I found it very difficult
to apply what learnt from the Buddhism text
into real life,
until I attended a meditation course
with Venerable Guang Pin (广品法师)

In Venerable's meditation course for beginners,
he taught us to visualise
the light of loving kindness (Metta)
showering ourselves, our family, our neighbours,
and slowly expand the light of loving kindness to
the universe.

He also encouraged his students
to recite a short Metta phrase
"May I be in peace,
May the universe be in peace"
(愿我得安乐; 愿虚空法界一切众生皆得安乐)
ten times every morning right after waking up and
ten times every evening right before going to bed.

I did as instructed.

And, when loving kindness grows day by day,
I notice that I could realise
more dharma in day-to-day living :B

Today, I am still very thankful to Venerable Guang Pin
who laid an important foundation
in my early days of Boddhi path :)

With Metta,
Kee Yew


  1. Hi Vincent,

    I don't have direct contact details of Ven. Guang Pin, but you should be able to arrange for an appointment with him via the admin office of Signapore Buddhist Federation:

    Kee Yew


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