Sunday, September 27, 2009

A marathon for kids

Yes, this is a marathon to reach out for
our long lost kids sunked within our hearts!

No physical strain,
but you still need stamina to sustain 9 hours of
Cartoon Movies in a row, all in One day tho' :D

The Dharma Drum Youth Singapore
is organising this heart-warming event
on 24th October 2009 (Sat)
10am-7pm @ Dharma Drum Singapore (Tanjong Pagar),
so that we can spend quality time with the kids within our hearts.

It will be a precious session for us
to re-learn about care, love, relationship and gratitude.
So, don't miss it!

With Metta ;P
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nut About Nut Milk?

With the rising awareness of the adverse effects of dairy consumption
(on both health and environment),
many people are now turning to the equivalent plant-based alternatives.

While soy is one of the widely known hi-protein alternatives,
there are certainly many more options out there to spice up our lives :D

Here is one of my favourite recipes that is high in protein, high in mineral and
provides good fats and dynamic energy (because of raw enzymes within!)   :

高蛋白坚果奶 High Protein Nutmilk

生腰果(预先浸泡30分钟)Raw cashew nuts (pre-soaked 30min)
.............................................................................................................10颗 10pcs

生杏仁(预先浸泡一晚)Raw almond nuts (pre-soaked overnight)
.............................................................................................................10 颗 10pcs

.............................................................................................................1 杯 1 cup

糖浆 Agave nectar
.............................................................................................................1 汤匙 1 tablespoon

--mix all ingredients and blend until smooth (optional to sieve or not). Serve immediately.

Bon apetite :P
Kee Yew

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Being A Good Earthling to go veg =)

My friend watched this documentary "Earthlings" and decided to go veg.

The reason was straight forward:
his conscience told him to be a good earthling:

We have been living in a world
where a lot of things are covered up,
including our food source.

We always thought we have the right
to take the flesh of other earthlings,
and wishfully hope we have done it in a respectful way.

This documentary revealed the very fact of the reverse.
We actually abuse what mother Earth has offered/entrusted us,
and fail to take care of other weaker earthlings...

Go veg...

With metta,
Kee Yew

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You will when you believe...

As T. Harv Eker' MMI workshop is approaching this Nov,
I realise that it has been almost a year
since I started immersing in a whole series of
Millionaires workshops begining Nov 2008.

Looking back in retrospect,
I feel very grateful that there has been so much
that I have learnt from the great souls.

One amazing thing that I observe,
among all those millionaires' teachings
is that those successful secrets
all eventually converge with
Buddhist teachings!

The recent workshop with Anthony Robbins' again emphasizes
that the blueprint of successful life lies in
what we believe:
We can only be rich, when we believe we will
We can only be healthy, when we believe we will
We can only be happy, when we believe we will...

This teaching actually has long been well versed
in many Buddhist Scriptures,
except it takes on a more sophisticated universal tone:
"Everything is the outcome of mind activity" (pardon the crude translation)

I guess the great people always think the same;
hence naturally,
those who succeeded follows the law of universe and
those who follow the law of universe will succeed.

At those millionaires workshops,
the gurus were like Boddhisatvas,
reiterating the precious teachings of Buddha,
repackaging the same essence of universe in layman flavour,
showing the evidences of the universal principles
in a much more comprehensible form
(ie by presenting their real life success stories).

These Millionaires workshops in the past 10months
did not only convey
the superficial skills to achieve financial abundance;
they were also delivering very meaningful Dharma lessons,
to repeatedly enhance my confidence on
what I learnt in the Sutras -- especially
the importance, the power and the instrinsic meaning of

I have always wanted Rebirth in Pureland.
But on and off, I did doubt, given my pass negative believes.
Somehow after the much-perceived-as-money-making workshops,
I picked up a message that
I can't be reborn in Pureland unless I believe so.

If we were to achieve financial abundance in this life,
by just making ourselves to believe;
we should believe the same for rebirth in Pureland in the life to come.
Or vice versa ;)

Kee Yew

p/s: According to Buddhist teachings,
ultimately, there is no such thing as financial abundance (so as all others);
things like financial abundance exist because our mind perceives/believes so.
If our mind does the opposite, financial abundance deminishes.
Also, we actually, readily have everything within our finger tips,
including financial abundance.
There is no need to wish for it, as it already exists.
But if we purposely impose a negative belief on it (e.g. financial abundance),
it will also deminish.
~Not so much to impress people with mysticism,
but there is truly something between the lines
to be learnt with mindfulness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

T. Harv Eker In Singapore

This is a great chance to learn about
how to change your blueprint of wealth.
T. Harv Eker
(author of best-seller "Secrets of The Millionaire Mind")
will be conducting Millionaire Mind Intensive Workshop
@ Singapore Expo 13-15 November 2009!

This workshop is not about how to make money technically.
It's also not about how to predict the ups n downs of economy.
Eker teaches the very vital
mastery skills of changing our imprinted mindset about abundance,
the psychology of overcoming financial challenges
and strategies of residual income generation.
My financial path changed a great deal after attending
Eker's workshop last year.

Register now @

Myself will be recoursing along with my 3-4 other biz partners.
Also, as the course is intensively scheduled from 9am to 11pm daily,
we are planning to stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel @ Changi Airport.
-- Yes, it'll be sort of a fun holiday-cum-learning retreat :D
Let me know if you are interested to join us before 30th Sep.
We can book hotel rooms together =)

Looking forward the enriching workshop!

Kee Yew

p/s: please note that altho' the enrolment is free,
there is a SGD50 refundable charge.
Also, you may be required to purchase
the course book (which is very important) at SGD100~200.
So after all, this is not a free course.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holistic Wellness Symposium A Big Step Forward!

11-12 Sep 2009 were memorable.
12 passionate speakers and
over 120 good souls gathered on these 2 days at
the Holistic Wellness Symposium @ Quality Hotel,
to nurture a tremendous force to heal
illnesses, social chaos and environmental damages.

At this first ever large-scale
holistic education event in Singapore,
the roots of nowadays problems were identified,
the solutions were pointed out clearly and agreed upon.

In one of many impressive talks,
Mr Shen Shi'an (author of
from Bright Hill Temple,
revealed the truth that
all crises we face in our life on Earth
are interconnected.

Because of the interconnection,
each of us being an individual could
exercise our compassionate part
to exert a positive butterfly effect,
no matter how small the effort is.
One obvious example is to humbly go vegetarian.

Dr Xu KeCheng, from FUDA Cancer Hospital of China
also open our eyes by introducing
a new advancement in cancer treatment,
This technique of cancer healing involves
the freeze-thawing of tumour in situ (using Argon & Helium),
and the stimulation of cryo-immune response.
The amazing point of this technique is
that it causes little pain, no side effects as seen in
chemo-/radio-therapy/conventional surgery; and
the 5-year survival rate is very high.

Another speaker who was equally terrific
was Dr Amir Isahak,
founder of Super Qigong (
from Malaysia.
When illustrating the topic of spiritual healing,
he stressed the Unity-concept of the universe,
paying a lot of premium on mutual respect and acceptance
of people from different religions, races and disciplines.
Dr Amir made it very clear that spiritual healing is
must during crises, but it requires self improvement,
and learning from a spiritual coach.

From the environmental perspective,
representative of Singapore Environment Council
Mr Joe Lim, pointed out the humungous cost
(SGD890mil per incineration plant x 4 +
landfill Semakau Isle @ SGD690mil)
of unnecessary luxuries that fast degrade
into 90% wastage within 6 weeks of purchase.
Mr Joe Lim emphasized on "Rethink" of the 5Rs
before purchasing anything, as
1 tonne of waste at the user’s end
= 5 tonnes at the manufacturing stage
= 20 tonnes at the extraction stage
If we continue to indulge in the habit of
selfish luxuries, we will need 2 Earths by 2030s.

The whole event was just unexpectedly
intellectual, passionate, heart-warming and uplifting!

More info @ here.

With metta,
Kee Yew

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (4)

The 50-hr enriching workshop
with Anthony Robbins ended with
very elaborated description on
the Master Principles of A Vital Life
from body wellness perspective.

In the 9hrs last day session,
Robbins pointed out the 12 Steps
to gather PURE ENERGY to work towards
an outstanding life we all set out to achieve.

The 12 steps are:

(I) The 8 Gifts for our body:
1. Proper Breathing and Lymphasizing
2. Live Water & Live Foods
3. Essential Oils
4. Go Green for Alkalinity
5. Aerobic exercises
6. Maximum Nourishment
7. Structural Alignment and Max. Strength
8. Power of a directed mind and heart

(II) The Poisons to eliminate from our body:
9. Processed Fats
10. Animal Flesh
11. Dairy Products
12. Acid Addictions (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, sugar etc)

On top of all those great enlightening info,
at the end of the day,
Anthony Robbins also challenged participants
to go for a plant based diet for 10-30 days!!

I was totally impressed by this great soul
who is truly a leader
for not only guiding the participants
towards positive mindset, better relationship,
financial abundance and optimal body wellness,
but also encouraging millions of people
to protect the Earth
by going on a plant based diet!!

Just a few days before this workshop started,
I was still thinking of giving up my seat
as I had a lot to take care for
the Holistic Wellness Symposium 11-12 Sep.
Since nobody wanted my ticket,
I decided to attend with my best capacity,
and now I have no regret and am absolutely appreciative
that the universe has arranged such a great opportunity
for my continuous Holistic Wellness Learning =)

More on Anthony Robbins workshop to come!

Many well wishes,
Kee Yew

Monday, September 7, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (3)

The 3rd day of Anthony Robbins' workshop
continued to intensify, crazily:
0900hr-0030hr with 8min lunch, 1.25hr dinner!

Robbins taught a lot things on this day.
He started off by introducing the concept how
lasting happiness in life is actually
derived from constant growth/progress in the following 7 areas,
in the order of the most basics to the most advanced:

Physical Body --> Emotions & Meaning --> Relationships
--> Time --> Work/Career/Mission -->Finances -->
Celebrate & Contribute: Spirituality.

Many a time, people can't progress in certain aspect of life
because the foundation of Physical Body and Emotions & Meaning
are not established.

In order to make progress in any area above,
Anthony Robbins reminded us the following 3 steps:
1. Get laser-focused, make it clear and compelling
2. Get the best tools/maps/strategy/coaching for results
3. Get into action! (important to align thoughts with actions).

To truely master any aspect of life (ie outstanding progress),
these are the 3 important secrets:
1. Model someone who's already achieved what you want
2. Total immersion during the course of learning
3. Spaced Repetition (knowing the road ahead from repeated experience)

Other than theory teaching,
Robbins also had a long 5hr practical session
guiding the participants
to debunk the disempowering beliefs
and to replace them with empowering beliefs
-- as belief is the blueprint of life.
[The Dicken Process]

At the end of this practical session,
he led us through a visualisation
(lights off in the hall, eyes closed)
of we sitting in a time machine,
going back in time,
chucking away bad/negative memories
and replacing with only the positive ones.

This is the moment I got very touched.
Robbins gradually guide us through back
to the origin of time when we were just newborns.
When he asked that
we hold the babies in our arms
and say that the 'future you' has come to reassure
the 'baby you' that the roads ahead are
going to be positive and bright,
I suddenly broke into tears uncontrollably.
(1st time in the last 3 yrs...)
My tears were basically dripping from my cheeks
and mucous overflooding my nostrils non-stop.

This psychology session probably
triggered the hot button in me
releasing all the burdens of my past and
putting back the lacking love in my life.
While I was still weeping like a baby
I made a vow;
that is to protect every delicate soul
and ensure they grow with the abundance of love.

A very enriching day indeed.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (2)

It was another intensive session yesterday,
from 0900hr till 2130hr,
there were only 2 breaks (lunch 1hr, dinner 20min)!

Btw, my blisters healed almost completely
when I woke up this morning,
didn't expect so at all =)

Some important notes from yesterday session:

Another factor that controls our lives,
besides emotion,
is Belief.

According to Robbins,
Belief is a feeling of certainty
about what something means.
It is conditioned by
our past experiences and social expectations.

Beliefs often dictate our destiny of success.

Three Fundamental Beliefs
to make long lasting changes in a successful life:
1. It must change now
2. I must change it now
3. I can change it now

Keywords are: MUST, NOW, I

The bulk of yesterday
concentrated on the concept of:
"Life is not about me
Life is about WE"

Hence, Robbins stressed that:
The secret to wealth and happiness
is to become a team player.

Some traits of a good team player:
1. Loving
(ready to give unconditionally, even you feel pain)
2. To be at resourceful states when needed
(there is no such a term as unresourceful person)
3. Spend time with peers at a higher level of standard
because people's lives are direct reflection
of the expectation of their peer group)
4. Know the seasons and cycles where
the team and the team player are positioned
(spring, summer, fall or winter? -- react accordingly)

One note-worthy module we went through yesterday
was the "mirror exercise"
where participants in pairs were asked to mirror/imitate
the posture, breathing pattern, motion and facial expression
of another person.
When both persons are in sync physiologically,
both are also amazingly synchronised in their mental states.
The ultimate aim was to demonstrate that
one basic way to
build a good relatonship with another person,
is to put ourselves in other person's shoe
(ie physiological mirroring)
to understand their mental states first.

More to come tomorrow morning :D

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (1)

Again, I am spending another long weekend
with another millionaire,
this time, Anthony Robbins!

The 50-hr workshop, over three and a half days
is intensive, seriously..
we weren't allowed dinner time at all yesterday..
a straight solid 1400hr~2230hr session
without any break!

Yesterday session ended with Firewalk
where, participants were asked to
walk on red hot burning charchoal (amount 2m)
to build the foundation for the programs
in the next few days.
Amazingly I went through it!
It wasn't painful as most imagine,
may be the whole process is only a few seconds?
-- honestly, I only got a few minor blister,
no significant damage =)

Would like to share some of Robbins' teaching
on this blog real-time!
I will be occupied by HWS2009 planning the week to come,
if I do not update this blog now,
I may not have time share the real-enriching experience
at Robbins's workshop :P

Due to time constraints,
I will just put up some scratchy notes
over the next few days.. but when time permits later,
I will fine tune it for easier reading :B

Yesterday session surrounds on

The Two Master Skills of Life:
1. The Science of Achievement
2. The Art of Fulfillment

which dwells a lot on practical psychology.

In depth, we explored together this psychology
by asking 3 Questions:

A) What stops us moving forward, taking action and being our best?
~ FEAR ~
.. The Two Primal Fears:
1. We Are Not Enough
2. We Won't Be Loved
(for survival's sake)

-- to tackle fear which limits our lives,
do not fight, for you will wear out eventually,
do not ignore fear, for fear will take control,
but Dance with Fear, for fear will exhaust on its own.

B) What controls and determines the quality of our lives?
~ Emotions ~
The 3 Molders of Meaning (of Life) which is also
the 3 Forces that formulate our Emotions:
1. Physiology (bodily posture, breath, movement)
2. Focus (we feel what we focus)
3. Language (words changes the meaning we experience)
-- Yes, our emotions influences the meaning of life!
So, choose positive Posture, movement, focus and language!

C) Why do we do what we do?
~ The 6 Human Needs ~
The 4 Primal Needs:
1. Certainty
2. Variety/Uncertainty (yes, it's a paradox to 1.)
3. Significance
4. Love/Connection

The 2 Spiritual Needs:
5. Growth
6. Contribution

Anything we do, that fulfill 3 of 6 needs above,
no matter bad or good, we will keep repeating it.

e.g. Violence fulfills Needs 1-4, hence some people
get addicted to it.

To solve addiction and bad habits in life,
replace the bad habits with good ones
(but it must fulfill the at least the 3 needs
that one is particularly hungering for)

Got to go for 2nd day session now =)

Well wishes,
Kee Yew
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