Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (2)

It was another intensive session yesterday,
from 0900hr till 2130hr,
there were only 2 breaks (lunch 1hr, dinner 20min)!

Btw, my blisters healed almost completely
when I woke up this morning,
didn't expect so at all =)

Some important notes from yesterday session:

Another factor that controls our lives,
besides emotion,
is Belief.

According to Robbins,
Belief is a feeling of certainty
about what something means.
It is conditioned by
our past experiences and social expectations.

Beliefs often dictate our destiny of success.

Three Fundamental Beliefs
to make long lasting changes in a successful life:
1. It must change now
2. I must change it now
3. I can change it now

Keywords are: MUST, NOW, I

The bulk of yesterday
concentrated on the concept of:
"Life is not about me
Life is about WE"

Hence, Robbins stressed that:
The secret to wealth and happiness
is to become a team player.

Some traits of a good team player:
1. Loving
(ready to give unconditionally, even you feel pain)
2. To be at resourceful states when needed
(there is no such a term as unresourceful person)
3. Spend time with peers at a higher level of standard
because people's lives are direct reflection
of the expectation of their peer group)
4. Know the seasons and cycles where
the team and the team player are positioned
(spring, summer, fall or winter? -- react accordingly)

One note-worthy module we went through yesterday
was the "mirror exercise"
where participants in pairs were asked to mirror/imitate
the posture, breathing pattern, motion and facial expression
of another person.
When both persons are in sync physiologically,
both are also amazingly synchronised in their mental states.
The ultimate aim was to demonstrate that
one basic way to
build a good relatonship with another person,
is to put ourselves in other person's shoe
(ie physiological mirroring)
to understand their mental states first.

More to come tomorrow morning :D

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

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