Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holistic Wellness Symposium A Big Step Forward!

11-12 Sep 2009 were memorable.
12 passionate speakers and
over 120 good souls gathered on these 2 days at
the Holistic Wellness Symposium @ Quality Hotel,
to nurture a tremendous force to heal
illnesses, social chaos and environmental damages.

At this first ever large-scale
holistic education event in Singapore,
the roots of nowadays problems were identified,
the solutions were pointed out clearly and agreed upon.

In one of many impressive talks,
Mr Shen Shi'an (author of
from Bright Hill Temple,
revealed the truth that
all crises we face in our life on Earth
are interconnected.

Because of the interconnection,
each of us being an individual could
exercise our compassionate part
to exert a positive butterfly effect,
no matter how small the effort is.
One obvious example is to humbly go vegetarian.

Dr Xu KeCheng, from FUDA Cancer Hospital of China
also open our eyes by introducing
a new advancement in cancer treatment,
This technique of cancer healing involves
the freeze-thawing of tumour in situ (using Argon & Helium),
and the stimulation of cryo-immune response.
The amazing point of this technique is
that it causes little pain, no side effects as seen in
chemo-/radio-therapy/conventional surgery; and
the 5-year survival rate is very high.

Another speaker who was equally terrific
was Dr Amir Isahak,
founder of Super Qigong (
from Malaysia.
When illustrating the topic of spiritual healing,
he stressed the Unity-concept of the universe,
paying a lot of premium on mutual respect and acceptance
of people from different religions, races and disciplines.
Dr Amir made it very clear that spiritual healing is
must during crises, but it requires self improvement,
and learning from a spiritual coach.

From the environmental perspective,
representative of Singapore Environment Council
Mr Joe Lim, pointed out the humungous cost
(SGD890mil per incineration plant x 4 +
landfill Semakau Isle @ SGD690mil)
of unnecessary luxuries that fast degrade
into 90% wastage within 6 weeks of purchase.
Mr Joe Lim emphasized on "Rethink" of the 5Rs
before purchasing anything, as
1 tonne of waste at the user’s end
= 5 tonnes at the manufacturing stage
= 20 tonnes at the extraction stage
If we continue to indulge in the habit of
selfish luxuries, we will need 2 Earths by 2030s.

The whole event was just unexpectedly
intellectual, passionate, heart-warming and uplifting!

More info @ here.

With metta,
Kee Yew

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