Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (1)

Again, I am spending another long weekend
with another millionaire,
this time, Anthony Robbins!

The 50-hr workshop, over three and a half days
is intensive, seriously..
we weren't allowed dinner time at all yesterday..
a straight solid 1400hr~2230hr session
without any break!

Yesterday session ended with Firewalk
where, participants were asked to
walk on red hot burning charchoal (amount 2m)
to build the foundation for the programs
in the next few days.
Amazingly I went through it!
It wasn't painful as most imagine,
may be the whole process is only a few seconds?
-- honestly, I only got a few minor blister,
no significant damage =)

Would like to share some of Robbins' teaching
on this blog real-time!
I will be occupied by HWS2009 planning the week to come,
if I do not update this blog now,
I may not have time share the real-enriching experience
at Robbins's workshop :P

Due to time constraints,
I will just put up some scratchy notes
over the next few days.. but when time permits later,
I will fine tune it for easier reading :B

Yesterday session surrounds on

The Two Master Skills of Life:
1. The Science of Achievement
2. The Art of Fulfillment

which dwells a lot on practical psychology.

In depth, we explored together this psychology
by asking 3 Questions:

A) What stops us moving forward, taking action and being our best?
~ FEAR ~
.. The Two Primal Fears:
1. We Are Not Enough
2. We Won't Be Loved
(for survival's sake)

-- to tackle fear which limits our lives,
do not fight, for you will wear out eventually,
do not ignore fear, for fear will take control,
but Dance with Fear, for fear will exhaust on its own.

B) What controls and determines the quality of our lives?
~ Emotions ~
The 3 Molders of Meaning (of Life) which is also
the 3 Forces that formulate our Emotions:
1. Physiology (bodily posture, breath, movement)
2. Focus (we feel what we focus)
3. Language (words changes the meaning we experience)
-- Yes, our emotions influences the meaning of life!
So, choose positive Posture, movement, focus and language!

C) Why do we do what we do?
~ The 6 Human Needs ~
The 4 Primal Needs:
1. Certainty
2. Variety/Uncertainty (yes, it's a paradox to 1.)
3. Significance
4. Love/Connection

The 2 Spiritual Needs:
5. Growth
6. Contribution

Anything we do, that fulfill 3 of 6 needs above,
no matter bad or good, we will keep repeating it.

e.g. Violence fulfills Needs 1-4, hence some people
get addicted to it.

To solve addiction and bad habits in life,
replace the bad habits with good ones
(but it must fulfill the at least the 3 needs
that one is particularly hungering for)

Got to go for 2nd day session now =)

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

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