Monday, September 7, 2009

Unleash The Power Within (3)

The 3rd day of Anthony Robbins' workshop
continued to intensify, crazily:
0900hr-0030hr with 8min lunch, 1.25hr dinner!

Robbins taught a lot things on this day.
He started off by introducing the concept how
lasting happiness in life is actually
derived from constant growth/progress in the following 7 areas,
in the order of the most basics to the most advanced:

Physical Body --> Emotions & Meaning --> Relationships
--> Time --> Work/Career/Mission -->Finances -->
Celebrate & Contribute: Spirituality.

Many a time, people can't progress in certain aspect of life
because the foundation of Physical Body and Emotions & Meaning
are not established.

In order to make progress in any area above,
Anthony Robbins reminded us the following 3 steps:
1. Get laser-focused, make it clear and compelling
2. Get the best tools/maps/strategy/coaching for results
3. Get into action! (important to align thoughts with actions).

To truely master any aspect of life (ie outstanding progress),
these are the 3 important secrets:
1. Model someone who's already achieved what you want
2. Total immersion during the course of learning
3. Spaced Repetition (knowing the road ahead from repeated experience)

Other than theory teaching,
Robbins also had a long 5hr practical session
guiding the participants
to debunk the disempowering beliefs
and to replace them with empowering beliefs
-- as belief is the blueprint of life.
[The Dicken Process]

At the end of this practical session,
he led us through a visualisation
(lights off in the hall, eyes closed)
of we sitting in a time machine,
going back in time,
chucking away bad/negative memories
and replacing with only the positive ones.

This is the moment I got very touched.
Robbins gradually guide us through back
to the origin of time when we were just newborns.
When he asked that
we hold the babies in our arms
and say that the 'future you' has come to reassure
the 'baby you' that the roads ahead are
going to be positive and bright,
I suddenly broke into tears uncontrollably.
(1st time in the last 3 yrs...)
My tears were basically dripping from my cheeks
and mucous overflooding my nostrils non-stop.

This psychology session probably
triggered the hot button in me
releasing all the burdens of my past and
putting back the lacking love in my life.
While I was still weeping like a baby
I made a vow;
that is to protect every delicate soul
and ensure they grow with the abundance of love.

A very enriching day indeed.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

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