Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You will when you believe...

As T. Harv Eker' MMI workshop is approaching this Nov,
I realise that it has been almost a year
since I started immersing in a whole series of
Millionaires workshops begining Nov 2008.

Looking back in retrospect,
I feel very grateful that there has been so much
that I have learnt from the great souls.

One amazing thing that I observe,
among all those millionaires' teachings
is that those successful secrets
all eventually converge with
Buddhist teachings!

The recent workshop with Anthony Robbins' again emphasizes
that the blueprint of successful life lies in
what we believe:
We can only be rich, when we believe we will
We can only be healthy, when we believe we will
We can only be happy, when we believe we will...

This teaching actually has long been well versed
in many Buddhist Scriptures,
except it takes on a more sophisticated universal tone:
"Everything is the outcome of mind activity" (pardon the crude translation)

I guess the great people always think the same;
hence naturally,
those who succeeded follows the law of universe and
those who follow the law of universe will succeed.

At those millionaires workshops,
the gurus were like Boddhisatvas,
reiterating the precious teachings of Buddha,
repackaging the same essence of universe in layman flavour,
showing the evidences of the universal principles
in a much more comprehensible form
(ie by presenting their real life success stories).

These Millionaires workshops in the past 10months
did not only convey
the superficial skills to achieve financial abundance;
they were also delivering very meaningful Dharma lessons,
to repeatedly enhance my confidence on
what I learnt in the Sutras -- especially
the importance, the power and the instrinsic meaning of

I have always wanted Rebirth in Pureland.
But on and off, I did doubt, given my pass negative believes.
Somehow after the much-perceived-as-money-making workshops,
I picked up a message that
I can't be reborn in Pureland unless I believe so.

If we were to achieve financial abundance in this life,
by just making ourselves to believe;
we should believe the same for rebirth in Pureland in the life to come.
Or vice versa ;)

Kee Yew

p/s: According to Buddhist teachings,
ultimately, there is no such thing as financial abundance (so as all others);
things like financial abundance exist because our mind perceives/believes so.
If our mind does the opposite, financial abundance deminishes.
Also, we actually, readily have everything within our finger tips,
including financial abundance.
There is no need to wish for it, as it already exists.
But if we purposely impose a negative belief on it (e.g. financial abundance),
it will also deminish.
~Not so much to impress people with mysticism,
but there is truly something between the lines
to be learnt with mindfulness.

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