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Stories Untold Behind Cancer (2)

One very common misconception of the public about cancer
is that many people see it as a pathogenic disease.
In other words,
most mistaken that cancer is caused by
some a nasty infectious pathogens (bacteria/virus) in our body.

While some of the cancer cases
could be induced by virus (opportunistically),
cancer is, by large, a degenerative disease,
not pathogenic/infectious disease.
In simpler terms, the body itself has to be
seriously deteriorating first,
before cancer arises.
Viral induction of cancer can only be successful
when the body system is haywired.

With this concept clarified,
one may begin to realise that
there is no such things as
a cancer vaccine and a cancer target drug,

The above statement may be contradictive to
what one may have learnt from the media or some authorities.
It simply shows that public with misperception of cancer
are making futile effort to chase for something doesn't exist,
while opportunitic commercial companies are happily
"tailoring" these bogus remedies to please the public.

This is why,
before even we start thinking of how to heal cancer,
we need to recognise and understand the 1st hallmark of cancer:
Cancer is a systemic error (overall deteriorating body condition)
not a topical error (virus invading a particular tissue/organ).

Otherwise, we can be easily carried away by 
a lot of fancy but unrealistic 'remedies'
(which target cancer by topical approach)

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. In the past, not many people understand cancer and there weren't much info too.

    Ha..ha... My mother blamed it on me that I caused her to have cancer because I took her to a holiday and few months after that she was so weak that he admitted to hospital and diagnosed with cancer (I guess she just could not take the bad news) ...

    I have an ex-colleague who parents died of different type cancer and she was also diagnosed with another type of cancer and sort of 'clear' after treatment. But after 10 years, it relapsed and she died at the age of 38. She did ask - Why me? (as she was the only one among her siblings got cancer), It was so bad at the later stage that she voiced out this - Why God need to test her in such a way? (she is a christian).

    I doubt of curing cancer (of course, there are some success stories), what I felt the important thing is understanding it, accepting it, facing it and have the right mindset about it.

    So, i would think it is not about curing but more on caring and be at peace (not an easily one). Dharma can come in to calm the soul, how effective, depend on lots of factors.

    I wonder, living in such a chaotic world and lots of illness, any Buddhist organizations really have a so called - talks on death or bring some awareness on such issues, so that people are planted the seed, begin to ponder and with such 'backing' in such situation they might be much more easier to take it/bound back and fall back on Dharma to guide them through?

    I do agree with what you mentioned, especially the 'unrealistic' remedies. Many kind souls just wanted to offer remedies that they heard elsewhere to cancer patients and in the end mess up lots of stuff, and cause more problems and added more stress on everyone. Giving fault hope is a terrible thing to take in.

    Enjoy reading your posts :)

    Cheers crystal

  2. There is definitely a cure for cancer, but
    knowing that it's a systemic error, the curing approach has to be a wholesale systemic treatment which most people will usually reject, due to lack of knowledge on cancer and unwillingness to change.

    Wholesale systemic treatment includes changing their diet, lifestyle, mindset and even living environment.

    It's difficult to cure cancer, because cancer is also a manifest of attachment; attachment to their unhealthy diet, improper lifestyle, prejudiced mindset and polluted environment..

    This is why, after years of scientific research on cancer prevention/cure; I found that it's dharma is the vital treatment among all...

  3. " It's difficult to cure cancer, because cancer is also a manifest of attachment; attachment to their unhealthy diet, improper lifestyle, prejudiced mindset and polluted environment.. "

    Hmm...: ) that could explain why there are only some success stories ... guess it depends on lots of factors (know and unknown) too.

    The "prejudiced mindset" leads me to recall what I read somewhere, not too sure how true it is, it says cancer is not just an illness, it is a form of "silent" self-destroyer when human can't find a way out (maybe for certain group).

    This is why, after years of scientific research on cancer prevention/cure; I found that it's dharma is the vital treatment among all...

    I would also think Dharma (correct view/way) is vital : ) as it is not only for curing illness such as cancer , but human dilemma ...

    Thank you for this topic ... :)

    Cheers crystal

  4. Dear Crystal,

    Very true. Cancer is just one of many ways of manisfestation of human internal problems...

    Actually, once the correct perspectives of the universe (constantly see things under the light of impermanence, interdependence & nirvana) is rooted in a person's mind,
    he or she will naturally do the right things to correct a problem (including cancer).

    Doing the right things, very often, means giving up stuff that cause cancer.

    But the dilemma for most cancer patients out there is: that very stuff which causes them cancer is the exact stuff that brings them pleasure/'security'/love etc (which are impermanent, due to personal prejudices)...

    I somehow know how well a cancer patient will recover, when I ask a simple question:
    "Will you go vegetarian to cure cancer?"

    Going vegetarian may not absolutely cure cancer, but the question is highly be indicative of a person's open mindset, flexibility and readiness to give up their attachment to make ways for healing channels.

    Hence it's important for cancer patients to know the proper way of deriving the true bliss in life, that is to meditate and live in meditative state :)

    When the true bliss is attained from meditation,
    they will naturally give up a lot of unnecessary things (aka blockage), to solve the dilemma and to facilitate their recuperation.

    Kee Yew

  5. You have open up a very interesting and meaningful post topic : )

    I heard from a Buddhist Talk that there is a cancer patient who went for mediation and cure the cancer without any medicine or treatment. But how many can really achieve that? I believe mediation does give a person tranquillity, to be able to achieve it, does take time, effort and lot of helping forces.

    What you mentioned and if I understand it correctly - meditative state gives a person a good alternative (maybe I didn't use the correct word) to attain happiness and fulfilments rather than on those "fault" things around us or help us to wean off those unhealthy stuff :)

    I felt that once the correct perspectives of the universe (constantly see things under the light of impermanence, interdependence & nirvana) is rooted in a person's mind, curing or not curing cancer does not really matter at all, they can live happily even with cancer .

    With the concept of impermanence, interdependence and factor the component of compassion and contentment etc, it will take into consideration of the whole support system, weight things out and compassion overpowers sufferings, gives courage to deal with it, shorten sufferings (either via quick natural death or cure cancer totally).

    This question- "Will you go vegetarian to cure cancer?", I guess depends on how much the cancer patients understanding of the cancer caused by unhealthy diet, willingness to give up attachments, the true values of vegetarianism, their mindset on life, how they view death, what kind of impact cancer had on the patient, their religious background, their environments etc

    That are people who are afraid of death or want to live on (maybe for a purpose or unfilled dream etc), will do anything that help them to survive, and even refuse to let go of life even they have live up to 90+.

    Some would think cancer "eat away" their blood, they need blood or nutritious food like meat to fight the battle and refuse to go vegetarianism.

    There are also people who fully understand the consequence of certain food cause will cause their death but willing to give up life for it and be happy.

    If cancer can make a person see how important life is to them, the struggle to live on, the pain from the illness, might be able to make them feel the pain and the sufferings the animals going through and decide not to live on the expense of animal lives. Or if their religion belief is killing life is no good. Going vegetarianism is then easy. So, there is some form of positive transformation and may "move" the cancer cells doing the same thing - not to kill or destroy internally (just my weirdo thinking).

    Thank you again. I will keep this topic as something to contemplate on my to-do list :)

    Merry X'mas ...
    Cheers crystal

  6. Dear Crystal,

    Our mind is so in sync, probably because of the influence of buddhism.. kekeke..

    Agree that when one lives in a meditative state, it doesn't matter there's cancer or not. Indeed :)

    But when one is in a true meditative state, one will naturally know how to let the cancer stay or regress. The final decision may not be up to the person, due to surrounding conditions intervening. But this person who lives in awareness knows the origin of cancer, and would be equally happy whether the cancer stays or regress.

    So in the end, considering one truly lives in a meditative state (with substantial awareness), if the cancer doesn't heal, it's not because meditation doesn't cure cancer. It's likely the limiting conditions around doesn't yet permit. Or there is no strong will (or necessity) for the person to heal.

    On the vegetarian diet thingy, vege diet definitely doesn't heal cancer completely.
    But it's the basic foundation, the least thing one needs to do, to initiate the course for healing..

    As everything on Earth are interlinked and interlocked, the good begets the good, the bad begets the bad.
    So, going vegetarian will pull along the wholesale package of many healing channels.
    The real issue is not rejecting vegetarian diet, but rejecting the whole lot of other goodies.

    This is my true concern, when a cancer patient bargain on vegetarian diet.

    With metta :)
    Kee Yew

  7. Hi :)

    Buddha Dharma did influence me on many things even I am not a Buddhist - like going vegetarian etc

    Your dad's cancer had a great impact on you and you went all the way to find out more (very few would do that). You have lots of information on this area (which I don't have), with your strong interest in advocating of Vegetarianism (you have went very far in this and have lots of experiences than I do) and you are also into Buddhism (you can related so much better).

    Arm with so much good stuff, it seems like you have a mission and powerful enough to help other in some form related to cancer. That is how I felt!

    I don't know I am right or wrong, your concern - "This is my true concern, when a cancer patient bargain on vegetarian diet." can be cleared once you have more information on the cancer patient (each will be different) via maybe looking at things at their points first (the different "psychology process" they will go through if they have never thought of cancer or dying) and finding a suitable solution/suggestion helping them or bringing them out from that deadlock.

    They might not take this suggestion on vegetarian diet but you are able to plant a powerful seed in them, which can be the diet, the Dharma or new positive ways of looking at things or just some other things ...

    Maybe that seed will grow when merge with other conditions in this life or maybe growing in the subconscious ... and I personally feel that is really worth it :)

    Cheers crystal

  8. Just came back from the Mani Retreat and I heard a new Cancer story, together with my granny Cancer story, it gives me some new insights. Maybe your post on this topic, is in my mind and attract that new story ...

    For certain situations, Cancer just act as a medium to terminate one life when time is up, so treatment/curing or not, it does not matter. Also heard of cancer patient didn't die of cancer but car accident.

    The new cancer story is - Close to 80 years old man, with stroke 12 yrs ago, 6 mths ago got a heart problem and admitted to hospital. Afraid of dying and flight on to live - went for heart operation (which can opt not to, that means next heart attack is death) and came out so successful.

    One the day of discharge, discovered liver cancer - tumour took 90% of the liver. He was shocked and afraid of dying (after knowing that, he dare not turn off light at nite, can't sleep, need people around).

    He agreed for cancer treatment (even the chance is slim as he got other stroke and heart problem). After one treatment, it shrunk to 60%, miracle!

    Guess what, it was then discovered the panacea failed and need insulin injection. At the stage, he knew his time is limited and seek solitude in God, no longer on light to sleep and passed away 5-6 mths after that heart operation. The family said, God knows he need more time, so gave him time to prepare for drying.

    My granny has the chance to have less suffering at 90 yrs old. If she has "prepared well" in her 90 years on earth and not afraid of dying, she was given a chance to pass away peacefully. But she struggled to hang on and half a year later, discovered she got cancer (big torture mentally) and went through more sufferings and finally pass away half a year later.

    In life, the most important thing I realise from my parent's death (not many would feel this way, the timing, the impact etc play an vital role) is how well we take this topic and be prepare as early as possible and that will reduce lots of "stress" (Buddha Dharma has a good teaching on this and some great monks show us how they handle such situation) ...

    Another important thing is how well a person prepares for death which can happen at any moment, at any age, at any worst situations or prolong time or with any type of illness.

    For those very old Cancer Patient, most likely I will skip suggestion the vegetarian diet unless they can take it in the light of religion. But for the young one, I will suggest a vegetarian diet, the benefits are there. In term of Buddhism, what good does a non-vegetarian diet offer? None, i guess.

    Thanks for posting this, it leads me to think more on this topic ...

    Cheers crystal

  9. Dear Crystal,

    I thought u r a staunch buddhist! haha.. well, I guess it's not so surprising afterall, buddhism has no form any way ..kekeke..

    u r right, I should be more flexible, get to know more about a patient's unique background, tailor a specific channel to slowly get them lear abt healthy diet n dharma :)

    even tho' they don't accept, at least the seeds will be planted :)


  10. Hi Crystal,

    Indeed, that's why Buddhism always want us to constantly remind ourselves of
    "birth, aging, sickness, death".

    When the four stages of life are fully accepted and appreciated in the light of wisdom,
    truly doesn't matter one has cancer/stroke/etc or not.. :)

    Thank you for sharing so much on cancer series =)

    Glad to have you around!

    Kee Yew

  11. I need to thank you too, your post allows me to re-visit this topic and contemplate on it again.

    Every time, re-read/listen/contemplate again, it helps to recollect and strengthen and see more new stuff. Once in a while, the reminder of the beautiful suffering in a positive way do keep people on the path : )

    So far, you are the only one that I talk to on this topic to this extend and willing to give a compassionate ear on it, not even my family members as certain "part" is missing maybe because of degree of impact, the involvement etc are different.

    cheers : )

  12. me too!

    I haven't been able to discuss about this seemingly important issues with my family..

    probably becos, everyone is trying to ostrich away from the issue -- not many ppl are willing to face the facts and seriously fix the problems..

    that's why ultimately, it's the Mind that matters...

  13. Haha...

    "everyone is trying to ostrich away from the issue"

    Do you know that you are brave and have the courage? Not many have the courage and wisdom or with something as support, or as lucky as you are.

    Not even me, I was force to look into it :)

    Cheers :)


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