Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fats of Life (3)

It may be difficult to believe that
the plant based cooking oil is intoxicating us day by day.

We were educated since day one that
plant oils containing unsaturated fatty acids
(c.f. artery-clogging saturated fats from animals)
are good for health,
and now,
it's the otherwise!
So is there something wrong with the science?
-- or the scientists?

The fact is,
if it's true science, it will never fail.

The contradictive remarks could be attributed to
dishonest and biased presentation of scientific facts
(by certain organisations, due to vested interests)
and food politics
(that purposely twist the interpretation of scientific facts).

The unsaturated fatty acids (comprising of Omega-3,6,9)
in plant oils are indeed great stuff!
They are raw ingredients for cell membrane, nervous system,
certain hormones and cellular receptors
which are all vital for basic physiological functions and daily metabolism.

However, unsaturated fats are also very unstable and
easily damaged by heat/light/oxygen/humidity.

If these unstaurated fats are used inappropriately
(ie subject to high heat treatment e.g. grilling/baking/stir fry/deep fry),
the structure/conformation of the unsaturated fats molecules will alter.

These altered/deformed unsaturated fats molecules
when assimilated into our body
to become part of the cell membrane, nervous system, hormonal system etc,
these systems will become leaky/malfunctioned.
(simply, when the basic units are 'looking funny',
the bigger system is not going to work properly too!)

What's worse is that
any fat molecule once assimilated into our bodily system,
is not going to be expelled from the body easily.

The average half life of a fat molecule is 500 days.
In other words, if one were to have assimilated 100g of bad fat today,
no matter what, one will still retain 50g of bad fat ~1.5yrs later.
To get rid of 93.75% of bad fat,
one needs to wait for 2000 days (~5.5yrs).

This is where the concept of responsible eating comes in
and why detox is not an overnight or even over-the-year affair!

Actually, the science of fats is quite established nowadays.
It's more like an issue of lacking good will or hidden conscience,
rather than a matter of bad science..

Hence, ultimately, it's good will that heals..

With loving kindness,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. There go my canola oil ... :(

    You talked about how to use oil in cooking in the TV show - are you going to post something on this?

    Cheers :)

  2. understand that it's not possible to 100% refrain from cooking oil.. but at least, we should minimise these oil consumption when we eat outside. At home try to eat raw lor.. (or low heat cooking)..

    the TV show segment on healthy way of using oil in cooking if interested, I can post up when I receive the DVD.. haha :D


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