Friday, December 25, 2009

Stories Untold Behind Cancer (7)

At this juncture,
one may already realise that cancer healing
like many problems in life,
needs to be approached in a holistic manner,
because it's a systemic error, not a topical one.

There are many so called cancer targeting drugs
that hardly tackle cancer in a holistic manner.
But, if there is a need for some form of medication,
to boost to improve one's chance of recovery,
natural remedies are to be considered first,
before hastily rushing into drugs and surgery.

Simply, drugs and surgery very often
offers irreversible side effects bigger than
the problem they temporarily solves.

While I am still standing firm on
solving cancer problem via systemic error rectification,
there are a few things that I know of,
that could serve as a jump start in cancer healing:

(A) Gerson Therapy
- a detox regime developed by Dr Max Gerson, almost 6 decades ago,
  which intensively feeds patients with large quantity of fresh organic juices
  (13 glasses per day).

(B) Guolin Qigong
- like any Qigong, Guolin Qigong promotes oxygen and blood circulation,
  so as to improve the systemic coordination in our body.
- I specifically recommend Guolin Qigong,
  because of it's specifically tailored for cancer healing,
  by a QiGong master and cancer survivor.

(C) Clinically proven nutritionals
- Among so many nutritionals that are claimed to be beneficial for cancer,
  I did the most literature research on Grape Seed Extract and Coenzyme Q10.
- I have, on hand, a few reputated scientific journal publications that proves
  Grape Seed Extract re-activates apoptosis i.e. programmed suicide in cancer cells.
  (I can email any interested party the scientific articles upon request)
-Whereas, Coenzyme Q10 is already officially approved
  by National Cancer Institute of USA as a significant adjuvant therapeutic for cancer.

Many a time people convince themselves that
they should do something or take medicine when they are first diagnosed of cancer.
But often their early decisions are swayed by the incomplete picture
of cancer and their limited exposure to the range of healing alternatives available.
Hence the options above are recommended for broader consideration.

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Finally finish reading your posts on Cancer stories .... This is the part which I never know.

    t is real good and provides an opportunity for broader consideration.
    Thanks : )

  2. Welcome, Crystal.

    Glad that cancer series has been of some value =)

    Happy New Year 2010 :D
    Kee Yew


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