Friday, December 25, 2009

Stories Untold Behind Cancer (6)

We now know that cancer can be perceived
as a systemic error and pre-matured aging.

Therefore, in order to prevent and reverse the disease,
the solution would be
to correct the systemic error and
to slow down the aging process.

As previously mentioned,
the overall deteriorating body condition is
generally caused by:
- heavy influx of toxin,
- failure to detox,
- poor blood circulation,
- lack of nutrients and
- stress.

Put it rather crudely, anything that
 - reduces influx of toxins
   (e.g. filtered water, undamaged oil),
 - promotes detox and blood circulation
   (e.g. trampoline exercise, yoga),
 - improves nutrients diversity and bioavailability
   (e.g. organic food, nutritional supplement)
 - and reduces stress
   (e.g. art appreciation, religous study)
are important for cancer prevention and healing.

To slow down aging process, one may look into:
 - sufficient rest (e.g. sleep early, meditation)
 - moderate calorie intake (e.g. no over-eating, avoid high protein and fatty foods)
-  reducing free radicals (e.g. daily fresh juices, antioxidant supplementing)

The recommendations are probably familiar to many of us,
and are easily achievable,
but why aren't we doing it until cancer sets in?

This drills down to one very fundamental question:
Could there be another systemic error in our life
that prohibits ourselves from doing those naturally right things?

Merry Xmas,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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