Friday, June 15, 2012

An Invigorating Health Retreat @ Aenon

Aenon Health Care Centre @ Tampin
I just cam back from a very rejuvenating detox camp
@ Aenon Health Care (Tampin, Malaysia).

It's especially invigorating
to be at this reknown healing centre
after longing for 10years,
and to find out it's more than
I initially thought, just a healing place.

This visit to Aenon
didn't only detox my body,
but also detoxed my soul
for I saw
the hardwork
behind the construction and maintenance of the sophisticated physical premise,
the loving kindness
underlying the healing and educating services,
the wisdom
steering the advancement of spiritual wellbeing.

The first day we arrived at Aenon,
we were received warmly by a young and dynamic team
(volunteers, trainees and staff)
when we checked in to their hotel standard guest rooms
I was very touched
to see specific guest names were tagged on each door.

Guest rooms tagged
with guest names
for personalised service

Soon after checking in during the late afternoon,
it was some basic health check,
followed by a doctor consultation session.
That was a rare opportunity
to talk to GP (Dr Lee) who is a vegan
and knew my need for holistic healing regime.

The rest of the 1st day we took things easy
while settling down and
attended an orientation session
by the centre manager, Mr David
in the early evening.

At 9.30pm, all guests were asked to go to bed.
-- Healthy lifestyle!

The next day,
when we woke up at 6am,
the first thing was to take our mid-stream urine
and submit to the clinic
where young and friendly staff
took our blood samples for full blood screening.

Before we went for a morning hill walk,
we first started our detox regime by
drinking individually-customised "concoctions"
ranging from lime juice, psyllium husk, 4-in-1 molasses drink* and more.

Where we did our morning walk,
there wasn't just beautiful scenerary,

Dawn @ Aenon front yard

but also
fresh air, golden sun and some good companies :D

Morning greeting from
a 2-month old baby =)

The daily routine after morning walk
was drinking 500mL apple guave juice as breakfast
followed by Christian song singing and Pastor's sharing**
and health lecture by Dr Lee and cooking class.

Yeah, interesting indeed,
attending cooking class during fasting!
-- this is truly the first of its kind
where one can see but can not eat in a cooking class!! hahaha..
- a bit torturing, but still it wasn't too bad
for we can still ask for hands-on experience..hehehe

Making of veg fish from
tofu and ground oat!

When come lunch time,
we are served carrot-based vegetable juices
followed by afternoon health lecture
and a myriad of healing therapies
scheduled differently on each day
from infra-red sauna, steam batch, salt glow scrub,
full body mssage to hot food bath!
- all done professionally by young and friendly volunteers and staff :)

In the evening, it was apple and guave juice again,
followed by health documentary, singing session or health seminars.

On the 4th day we got back our
blood analysis report
and had another doctor consulation session.

Very seldom, I felt so being pampered in a health centre --
what's more,
the team at Aenon gave us a sense of home
and never failed to shower us with a lot of friendly smiles :)

It was worth the 10 years wait
Aenon is a place where
health goers truly should consider visiting
be it for
the juice detox regime,
the tranquil and friendly place for recharging,
holistic health education
or the preofessional alternative healing therapies.

Very grateful that I ever had the chance be with
the good souls
and the good healing place =D

puzzle solving, book reading
and chit chatting
during juice time!

Well regards,
Kee Yew

* 4-in-1 molasses drink was a advanced formula for blood building and cleansing, comprising of molasses, wheat grass powder, lime juice and aloe vera.

** Aenon is a Christian centre
{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. hey, can I know if the program consists of any Christian fellowship stuffs?? I'm keen to join but I'm a Muslim

  2. There are a bit religious session, but you do not have to join that session if you are not comfortable :-)


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