Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Veg-enabling Tips (4)

The first time I came across Avocado in my life
was when I was studying in Adelaide
some 16 years ago.

When avocado season came,
avocado was basically ubiquitious
all over the Central Market (a wet market).

That time, the only way I learnt how to eat avocado
was to eat it on its own (probably the best way)
as taught by the fruit grocers!

I didn't have problem choosing the "right" avocado then
as they were so abundant,
and the grocers were always kind enough to pick the
ripen and nice ones for me..hehe..

However, when I relocated to Singapore
after my studies in Adelaide,
choosing a nice avocado became a challege!

Many would feel the same:
often, when we cut open an avocado,
it's either not ripen enough
or over ripen to the extent of having black bruises all over
or already infected by mould...

Due to my crave for avocado,
I gradually learn a way to guarantee a perfect avocado ;)

(D) How to choose a perfect avocado?

## a perfect avocado actually cannot be chosen,
but the good news is, it can be "nutured"! (LOL)

- firstly, get a totally green and hard avocado
(prefer the Hass species, with coarse skin, as they are creamier)

- when you get home,
quickly take the avocado out of your shopping bag
and wipe off all the moisture
(usually avocado are stored in fridge in the supermarket,
hence there are always condensation.
This condesation if sieve through the pedicel 
or the interface between fruit and stalk,
mould will grow)   <= critical step

- leave the avocado in airy corner of the kitchen,
away from direct sunlight, at room temperature.
(do not put in the fridge, as the ripening will slow;
and mould may grow.) <= critical step

- wait for a few days, and observe the colour change daily.

- when the skin turns completely black
(totally black, without any green patches or green tone),
leave it in room temperature for another 2 days. <= critical step

- lightly press the upper part of the avocado,
if it's soft, then it's ready to eat. Otherwise, wait for 1 more day.

- The next day, the avocado should be ready to eat.
If you can't finish all the avocado on the ripen day,
store them in the fridge up to 5 days.
Do not squeeze, otherwise bruise will form easily.

* extra tips: avoid getting non-green and non-hard avocado from the market,
as you do not know whether the storage has been properly done
to avoid moisture that may lead to internal moulding.
Also, many buyers may have been squeezing the semi-soft ones, creating a lot of bruises.

^ suggestion: blend 1/2 avocado, with 1 cup of coconut water + coconut flesh
to make vegan coconut milk.. It's very yummy!!
-- Don't worry about the fats, as they are all good fats when consumed raw.
In fact this drink will rejuvenate your skin and balance your hormones :D

That's all for this series, hope those simple tips will improve your quality of life :)

Happy experimenting,
Kee Yew

. Veg-enabling Tips
{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. I actually never had avocado before, it's time to try it out. How would you describe the taste? Is it similar to another fruit? Is it mainly sweet?

  2. Hi Nick, it's creamy, generally neutral in taste with subtle sweetness :D


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