Saturday, November 10, 2012

Simple Veg-enabling Tips (3)

Food blending is becoming a trend nowadays,
as it's an effective way to provide wholesome nutrition
be it raw or cooked,
as blended foods are like pre-digested food
which promote more complete absorption of nutritions
including parts which are usually hard to chew
e.g. seeds, roots and the rinds of a fruit.

However, blending require some tricks too,
there are situations, even with a super blender,
the outcome can still be a bit coarse
depending what ingredients are put into the blender.

(C) How to do blend up a smooth smoothie

- chuck in all the ingredients (chopped into smaller pieces) into a blender

- pour in water gradually to submerge the ingredients just below water level

- blend with slow speed until the blending motion harmonise (ie no big hard chunkies)

- increase the speed gradually to high and blend

- add in the remainder of the water to desired volume and quickly homogenise

# note: the reason to add in less water in the beginning
is to increase the friction among the ingredients
to allow speedy grinding/blending

* extra tips: when blending small seeds,
it's important to blend along with chunkier ingredients.
If there isn't chunky ingredients, add in some ice cubes,
to increase friction for fine blending

** extra extra tips: put the juicier ingredients at the bottom
followed by less juicier ones, so as to minimise water usage
in the beginning to facilitate smoother blending.

*** extra extra extra tips: add in 1 tablet of GrapeSeed Extract or
Vitamin C (natural ones, as antioxidant) into smoothies
if you are packing it in a thermo flask to bring to work,
to slow down oxidation process.

^Suggestion: mix 20 soaked almonds, 1 pitted medjool with half a dragon fruit
and blend into 400mL smoothie with adequate amount of filtered water.
-- this smoothie will brighten you up!

Happy blending,
Kee Yew

.Veg-enabling Tips

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! =D

  2. What is medjool ?

  3. oops.. I meant medjool dates :-P that kind of dates that Muslim eats during Puasa :-)

  4. Love reading your tips, and the blending tip is great.


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