Friday, November 9, 2012

Simple Veg-enabling Tips (2)

Unlike mung bean,
cooking red beans to soft texture could be a challege for many,
despite the long hour of cooking
altho' some people tend to mask the problem by using a pressure cooker.

Here is a combo of tricks that I learnt from
the lady boss of Ci Hang Vegetarian Restaurant
as well as a relative of mine,
ensuring your red bean soup will always soft and slurpy!! ^^

(B) How to cook red bean soup to soft-creamy texture

- soak red beans in filtered water for 8-10hours
(summerging beans 1 inch below water level)
[again, this is not only to soften the beans,
but also to remove acidity and increase nutritional values]

- discard away soaking water, rinse quickly with filtered water
and drain away the water

- steam the red beans in a steamer for 15min
(1st critical stage of softening the beans)

- add water at 2 times the volume of the steamed red beans
and boil on a stove for 15min
(2nd critical stage, boiling the beans with less water in the beginning
will increase the friction among the beans, hence speeding up the softening process)

- add more water (another 1-2 times the volume of the steamed red beans),
bring to boil, then simmer for 1 hour
(option: transfer to a slow cooker to save hassle)

- add molasses sugar crystal to give it a rich flavour when ready to serve

*extra tips: add 2 tablespoons of pre-soaked lily bulb and some pandan leaves
to make the dessert creamier and more fragrant during the simmering stage.

Kee Yew
. Veg-enablingTips

.Veg-enabling tips

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