Monday, November 23, 2009

Vital Organic Support

Along the years, during the course of promoting
vegetarianism and organic lifestyle,
there is one thing I am often concerned of.

That is the sustainability of
vegetarian and organic outlets in Singapore.

While some may have the impression that
vegetarian and organic health outlets are blooming in recent years;
for people who have their fingers on the pulse
of organic+vegetarian culture in Singapore,
we know that this industry is very volatile and fragile.

It's mainly because of
the price
which is less competitive to 'highly subsidised' conventional food and
the lack of awareness
about the positive environmental impact of organic agriculture.

One of the reasons, my friends and I set up Cielo Sereno
is in line of improving the situation.

Recently, I have just been informed that
again, another organic outlet is closing down.

It's a saddening,
but if we could give them our last well wishes,
by supporting them at their closing down sales (till 28 Nov),
I guess, it will be heart-warming to them :)

The address is:
Organic Living Hub
Blk 78, #01-17,
Redhill Lane;
(look for the old HDB block along the main road,
opposite Redhill MRT station)

With gratitude,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Yes, it is sad especially if the owners of such set up are trying to contribute and making this world a more beautiful and compassionate place.

    Trying to help these veg*n eateries as much as possible via different ways I can … but it is not easy task, as it depends on various conditions …

    I have even feedback to Temple to bring awareness of vegetarianism and dedicating a little area for information of veg*n eateries in supporting of this compassionate work, and feedback to one organic setup, but in vain and I think many may view that I am crazy …

    I hope I am wrong, I have a feeling that many things e.g business strategy, veg*n cuisine etc not going for a revamp or change, it is going to lose out in this competitive market very soon.

    Do I have the solution or answer to this situation, I guess not, but I still believe there are many channels that are not fully utilize …


  2. Hey hey Crystal,

    We choose to believe everything tiny steps we do will make a difference.

    So enjoy it and anticipate better days to come eventually =)

    Kee Yew

    p/s: I have been "promoting" brown rice to temples also, as it's a foundation for healthy vegetarian diet =) Everytime I attend a buddhist function, I will gepo and ask the organiser to prepare brown rice next time.. hahaha

  3. Hi

    You are right. Brown Rice - good idea :). I saw you on Channel U TV program – talking about Oil and choosing oil in Yes Natural.

    If everyone, is doing a little bit then it will be a BIG different …

    Hope the Organic Eateries/shops can turn crisis into opportunity. Taking every crisis as a lesson to accumulate more knowledge and better overcome difficulties.

    Reaching out to Vast Audiences or Right audiences(initially – to help to sustain/build the foundation) is very important, because not many really want or have the abilities to spend the money, or have a good understanding of Organic products …

    Organic cuisine does face some limitations in creating a creative menus due to not many vegetables are grown organic and it also depends on the seasons and air flown organic produces from far away is just too expensive etc. But with a positive mindset, this can still be worked out … : )

    Cheers crystal

  4. Read about the below in a non-veg cookbook, to share, pls delete this comment it don't seem to suit your post.

    Organic Food in Japan

    ‘… Mr Furuno runs a successful organic farm and I was fortunate to attend a seminar that he runs for farmers and others from all over Japan. Mr Furuno explains the principles of farming without agri-chemicals. ……

    After the workshop they took us to Laputa, a successful organic restaurant in an isolated spot called Tagawa-gun. I was surprised to see so many people so far from the city. The key to their success is that --- apart from being in a beautiful vineyard --- they use only carefully selected fresh local ingredients and seasonings, are always developing new and creative menus and make their patrons feel at home.

    Their lunchtime buffet is particularly popular with an agreeable mixture of Eastern and Western dishes, not too heavy, and beautifully and colourfully presented.
    I was exhilarated by the whole experience …. “

    Source: Essentially JAPANESE COOKING & CUISINE by Hideo Dekura, pg 18

    Pg 55-56 - talk about Shojin-ryori (temple cuisine) …

    cheers :)

  5. Agree...

    Organic industry needs to blend with other industry in order to survive.. not just mere emphasis on health and environmentalism..

    That's why we usually see those "last one standing" organic farms/cafes are those who blending organic with arts, travel(e.g. Titi Eco-resort) or even religion (e.g. Yes Natural)...

    yes, ultimately it's creativity that will sustain the organic industry =)

  6. Think in the positive way, there are still many ways out … once grab the right concepts and market it successfully or identified what the market needs (besides arts, travel, religion etc) and blend in … it is still doable …

    Yes Natural’s stuff is delicious and the price is reasonable.

    Thanks so much ... :)

    Cheers :)

  7. yes, blending is nice... like I do for my morning smoothie! kekekeke...

    Kee Yew


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