Monday, November 16, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore (3)

The 3rd and last day of MMI drilled deep into
the emotional relationship with money.

If one's relationship with money is full of
anger, fear, guilt, shame or sadness,
there is bound to be negative effect on wealth accumulation
(and all other aspects of life) .

Harv explained that
negative emotions are stuck energy;
they are primarily incomplete communications.

Hence, participants were guided thru' another self-awareness exercise
to dig out the anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt and regrets
that we have been imposing on money;
and then let go of the negative emotions (especially anger).

Harv mentioned, if one is to keep those negative emotions,
it will sabotage one's financial path.
Harv himself ruined his own financial life in his early years,
because he had unpleasant experience with his father
over money issue, during his childhood.
That unpleasant experience turned out to be a misunderstanding
that intoxicated his financial health for decades.
(the incidence happened when he was 9 yo,
and he only got it clarified with his day at his age of 40!)
His early life was messed up just because he didn't learn to let go of his
negative emotion.

The workshop climaxed when participants were
asked to break arrows with their throats.
This exercise was to deal with another big negative emotion -- fear
which has been pulling us back from any endeavour towards success.

Breaking an arrow (real one!) sounded scary in the beginning,
but when we see people doing it and we ourselves actually doing it,
it wasn't as scary or as difficult at all.
-- the arrow broke within just a couple seconds,
and there was no injury on the throat at all (amazing!!)

Towards the end of the day, Harv taught us the last secret
to financial freedom.
He wanted us to always bear this in mind:
"Success breeds Success"

In order to be successful in life,
we ourselves need to be a success first, by:
-- Recognising and acknowledging
every improvement, big or small,
we achieve every day.
-- Celebrating successes once every month,
to keep the momentum of success, constantly up.

Harv claimed that this is very effective and
there many proven records using this methodology!

The MMI workshop ended early evening on 16 Nov 2009,
and from the standing ovation at event conclusion in Expo Hall2,
I see that many were grateful to be at
the enriching and eye-opener workshop.

I attended this workshop for the 2nd time,
I still found it equally invigorating and enlightening.
So as Heng, Wenlong, Gary and Susan who came along.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

p/s: The teachings at MMI are simply too much to be covered on the blogs. If anyone is interested to attend the next MMI (19-21 Nov 10) to experience for him/herself, please let me know; as I have discounted tickets (limited) to the workshop next year :)

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