Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Walking The Path of Wind

A few weeks ago, I was at Dharma Drum Singapore,
watching this classic Japanese cartoon "Totoro" (made in 1988).

The animation movie delivered very strong sense of
the purity of children.
It moved me, who has always been a kid
in his heart.

By an oversimplified description, 
the story depicted a mysterious and magical cat-like creature (Totoro)
which existed to fulfill the innocent dreams of 2 kids.
That reminded me not to give up hopes,
like how we all upheld our pure faiths
when we were kids;
-- because kids believe miracles do happen.

During the 1.5hrs I sunk into this elegantly presented
Japanese fairy tale,
my heart was cleansed and purified.
Hopes were revived and
good faith were re-energised.

Noteably, I was also touched by
a beautiful piece of music
played in the mid of the movie.

This piece of music by Joe Hisaishi
is called "The Path of Wind".
The name was particular sentimental to me
as I recalled a poem
I first learnt, 3 years ago, from a Chinese friend,
on how to lead a liberated way of life.
-- That is to live by the way the wind lives.

I hence annotated the poem in the music video clip,
to enhance the soul of the music :)
The poem goes like this:

"When the wind passes a bamboo forest,
the bamboo doesn't trap the chime, as it doesn't trap the wind;

When seasonal birds travel across the winter-chilled lake,
their shadows never stay on the lake, as the birds, too, never will;

Hence, an elightened one will react to an occassion, only when the occasion arises,
and also he will leave it behind when the occassion is over."

Hope you enjoy the simple music clip :)

With love,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. you should come to Tokyo to visit Miyazaki's Ghibli Museum (http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/) to see more of his works and experience the creator's childish heart when he created all these amazing movies. I've been to the museum 3 times now in the past 3 years and I'm still inspired by him. You should check out his latest animation work named Ponyo. Not my favourite, but it was good and very personal. =)



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