Thursday, November 19, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore (Extra)

MMI '09 was an impressive experience for me,
altho' I attended the same workshop last year.

I didn't expect the effect of recoursing could be so profound.
-- It may be a result compounded by
my past year of intensive learning in financial wellness;
but certainly, I wouldn't have been 'enlightened' without
the constant bombardment of those words of wisdom
throughout the 3 days!

Two important teachings that struck me
during the workshop:

(1) To honour money and to be responsible for it

~ I didn't get it last year, but it just makes a whole lot of sense this year.

Like many people, I was continuously searching
for the secret formula to manage money and generate good income;
but to no avail.

When I was put through the "money burning" exercise at the workshop,
I suddenly realised my biggest fault in financial management all these years
was that I pay little respect to money and
am reluctant to take responsibilities for money!

Simply, without mutual honouring and care, nothing will work out;
just like that in any relationship, be it couple, family, friends or sport team.

I've probably known this teaching since long ago,
but I've never thought that the same would apply
for the relationship between money and me!

(2) "Do whatever that
makes you feel good when you wake up the next morning"

There was a special reception for those who signed up for "Quantum Leap"
bundled courses after MMI concluded and I was lucky to be there.

Harv spent some extra time with the "Quantum Leap" students,
delivering inspiring/encouraging words,
by sharing his own personal experience.

He emphasized that in order to lead a happy life,
the biggest secret of all is
to do only things that make ourselves feel good,
--things that make us truly feel good when we wake up the next morning.

It sounds like a kindy phrase.
But I was deeply impacted by the simple saying!

Let's reflect:
How miserable a life can be,
if we honestly do things by following
our heart aka our conscience aka our naive instinct?

I totally buy into this, as it's taught in buddhism that
one should follow the flow of nature in order to live in true bliss.
And that very nature we need to follow is our conscience.

Harv's advice wasn't superficial at all,
he in fact skilfully pointed out how people nowadays,
including myself,
do not fully follow their hearts.

Happiness is just a heart beat away
if only we are honest to ourselves...

I am grateful that I went for the recoursing.
And I think, the 4000 audiences in Expo and I
were very lucky to able to learn from
a Boddhisatva who teaches true Dharma
in such a lay context, benefiting the broad public.

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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