Sunday, November 15, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore (2)

At the 2nd day of MMI,
more interesting teachings continued to unveil.

So far, Harv had been illustrating,
from multiple perspectives,
on how actually our lives (esp finanicial fate) are determined by
stories we made up in our lives -- beliefs.

According to Harv, Beliefs
are just thoughts we personally hold to be true;
are not true or false, right or wrong,;
are only strong opinions in the colour of the beholder's spectacles.

As we understand that:
"we don't see the world as it is,
we see the world as we are",
the 3rd step to change our belief structure
is simply to dissociate from disempowering thoughts
and infuse empowering thoughts (reconditioning).

As Harv put it, whatever we say or think,
we will live our self-fulfilling prophecy,
because brain's favourite passtime is to make sure it is right!
So, why not infuse rich people's thinkings/beliefs?

To ensure that we create new empowering thoughts
to replace those old disempowering ones,
we were then led thru' a series of
fun and interesting psychological exercises,
e.g. 'rubber band snapping' game, VAKS,
"worthiness-ordainment", composing our own success songs etc.. kekek..

Harv, along the way, also added that
many people couldn't get rich because:
1. they didn't know why they want to be rich or their whys are too small
-- without the why there will never be the how
and with bigger the why, the easier the how;
-- bigger why means adding big values to people's lives.

2. they are simply poor receivers
-- we have been biasedly conditioned that Giving is better than Receiving,
due to mis-interpretation of an ancient Greek wise-saying, which was supposed to be:
"it's better to be at the position to give, than to be at the position to receive"
-- without the receiving, the giving is simply not valid;
-- a lot of people are constantly conditioned to give, and feel ashame to receive,
hence there will never be wealth accumulated..

At the end of the 2nd day,
participants were demonstrated via an interactive session,
to help us realise our own money personalities, whether
we are savers, spenders, money avoider or money-monk;
and the relavant strength and weakness of each personality.

There is no favourable money personality and
in view that each personality has got its own plus and negative points,
the key to success in money management is
- to make sure we lead a balance life in all perspectives and
- to adopt a preset structure of money management (the Jar System)

More exciting stuff to expect on Day 3 of MMI!
Keep tuning in :D

Nice weekend,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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