Saturday, November 14, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore (1)

Yesterday, was the 2nd time I attended T. Harv Eker's
Millionaire's Mind Intensive (MMI) workshop @ Expo Singapore.
The 1st time was extactly one year ago.

MMI workshop literally transformed my life,
since November 2008,
when I decided to heed Eker's advice
to change my financial blueprint.
I am grateful so much he has changed my life;
and in order to ensure I truly harness all that he taught,
that I decided to re-course at MMI November this year!

Here, I would like to provide a daily update on
some of the highlights at the 3-day workshop.

One thing that struck me at the first day of MMI
was a simple yet profound reminder that
our Income Potential is directly proportional to
our Comfort Zone.
In other words, how much we could stretch ourselves
actually fundamentally determine our capability to generate wealth.
Throughout the past 12 months,
I did feel quite a bit of strain when re-wiring and picking up new skills
towards financial freedom,
and I inevitably complain about it occassionally.
With the reminder above, I guess I need to be more
faithful with the new financial path I am on,
and probably should be happy that I am expanding myself
in personal growth and income potential
when I go thru' the stretching! =)

There were so much that was taught the first 14 hours
at Expo, yesterday.

We were guided through some psychological exercise
to realise our own financial beliefs.
As Harv mentioned, the first step to change is Awareness

Harv emphasized that the inner invisible realms of
Mentality, Emotion and Spirituality dictate the
outer visible realm of Physique.

Our current financial status today is merely
a printout (visible fruit) of
our own financial believes (invisible root).

The financial belief is deemed as the blueprint of our
financial outcome because it works like a thermostat,
constantly adjusting the level of wealth to a pre-set level we deem appropriate.
Harv stressed that it's not so much knowing how to generate wealth,
 it's actually more of an issue how our subconscious brain
determines the amount of wealth we are willing to attain/retain.

The second step to change our financial destiny is
-- understanding our root motivation to generate wealth.

We were guided through another psychological exercise
to dig out how our financial blueprints
were subcounsciously constructed since childhood
Verbal Programming (by our family and friends)
Modeling (of our Parents' financial behaviour) and
Specific incidence (that imprinted a prejudice in our financial perspectives )

Many people accumulated a lot of wealth, but
eventually, they just have to lose them, because
their motivation for money (roots) were based on
Anger, Fear and Proving themselves.

After understanding where our roots lie,
we need to debunk those disempowering believes
and base our motivation for money on
Purpose and Joy.

More to come on the 2nd day of MMI.
Please tune in again tomorrow :)

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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