Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Simple Health Survey

Recently I came across this
that help people to design surveys.

Hence I curiously try it out on
a health survey that I have always had in mind :P

We probably could gadge the standard of healthfulness in this region,
by looking at the food sold at supermarket, eateries, advertisement and
some statistics from health authorities.
But I thought a systematic survey may verify those prejudices
and perhaps could also offer some interesting insight.

This is also a good chance for me
to apply in "real-life"
the data-analysis skill I learn at my academic work,
and hopefully
to convert the data into something useful
in line of public health education :)

Here is the Simple Health Survey !
- 10 Questions, will only take <5min  =)

Nice day,
Kee Yew

p/s: this is my first time designing a health survey and I guess it is probably not very comprehensive,
so if you have any input to improve it, please do let me know =)
-- oh yar.. since I need at least 100pax to make the analysis statistical significant, kindly help spread the word!!

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Done the survey :) Can't remember what have been asked now but quite interesting. Hmmm... take more than 5 minutes to do (didn't really time myself).

    I am not a very health conscious person :p But I think, people in general are more concern about health like learning to cook herbal stuff or go for those things that is good for the body, beauty, that is the impression i get from those i come in contact.

    Cheers :)

  2. Thanks Crystal for your input both for the survey and comment :D

    Will look into it and refine my health survey in future ;)


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