Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is Gold too expensive to invest now?

While Gold price just reached its
10-year high just about a month ago,
and most investors think
the price now is too high to invest in Gold,
there are views that gold is still seriously undervalued.

Mike Maloney has the following remarks on undervalued Gold:

The core is that
Gold is currently priced below its true value,
and the "high price" now is just an illusion of weakening dollar.

As Robert Kiyosaki mentioned,
in the next major wave of wealth transfer
during the big economic crisis to come,
it's the well-informed investors that win.

Rather than blindly shunning off a golden opportunity
just because of the delusively high price,
why not spend some time to seriously study about Gold?

Physical Gold Bullion can be purchased from:
*UOB Bank Malaysia
*UOB Bank Singapore

Kee Yew

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