Monday, December 14, 2009

Awareness on the Rice (3)

Altho' Brown Rice is the foundation of
a healthy diet (I couldn't emphasize more),
there are several pitfalls that one needs to look out for:

Pitfall 1:
Not soaking brown rice before cooking:
-- it's not a fatal mistake, but without soaking,
brown rice may be difficult to digest for those
with weak stomach.
-- This is because, brown rice, like any seed on Earth
contains enzyme inhibitor (mild toxin born with all seeds
to protect themselves from being eaten up, and also to preserve
the nutrients in the endosperm for as long as 500 years!)
-- soaking will help release "locked up" nutrients in the seeds
(in scientific term, increase bioavailabiity of the nutrients),
hence soaked brown rice can be 2-3x more nutritious than non-soaked ones.

Pitfall 2:
Not chewing thoroughly.
-- brown rice is generally more complex in structure than white rice,
hence thorough chewing thoroughly will ensure maximal digestion,
and nutrients intake.
-- If one is too busy to chew, try brown rice porridge,
brown rice powder as breakfast cereal or even delicious brown rice milk.
(learn how to make tasty brown rice milk at Kampung Senang Eco-Kitchen)

Pitfall 3:
Not taking Organic brown rice:
-- Very few people realise, rice is one of the most toxic crops on Earth..
-- Because rice is the main staple for bulk of the population on Earth,
people can/will do anything desperately to preserve and  protect the yield of rice.
This means that fungicides and pesticides etc are heavily used.
-- Organic rice may be a bit more expensive,
but it is much healthier and is worth the investment.

Hope the info on brown rice so far,
will bring good health to more people :)

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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