Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fats of Life (4)

So, is there any way out?

We are not supposed to take animal oil;
and now, we can't even use plant oil for cooking!?

The core of the whole story lies in
the proper methods of consumption,
not exactly
the types of oil to avoid,
as mentioned in The Fats of Life (1)

Some tips on healthier ways of fat intake:

1. Consume fats naturally from
raw nuts/seeds/fruits
(e.g. soaked raw almond, raw sunflower seeds,
fresh coconut milk, avocado spread etc..
-- also check out this good fat/hi protein recipe )
raw cold pressed oils
(e.g. olive oil+herbs for breadspread, flaxseed oil for salad)

2. When cooking at home, use only plant-based cooking oil which
has the highest [saturated fats: unsaturated fats] ratio
(e.g. certain brands of naturally processed coconut oil).
-- BUT only for quick and low heat cooking
(never deep fry)
-- AND, buy cooking oil from health food shops, not from supermarket
(as the conventional brands are usually chemically processed)

3. When eating out, avoid or minimise on just any type of cooking oil
-- because there is a high chance that the oils used are cheap and bad oil...
(i.e. eat out less or order food with no/little oil)
Try go for dishes
like fresh salad, sushi, steamed dim sum, noodle soup, porridge etc
that lend little chance to the abuse of cooking oils.

It sounds like a great misery
that we have to exert on ourselves such restrictions.

But the good news is our taste buds
can adapt very quickly (in just 2weeks!).

Once we switch into the habit of
having less oily content in our hot meals,
our body will like it and carry on the habit
naturally and effortlessly ;)

Now, we are given 3 choices:
Kicking the bad habit of taking bad cooking oil for only 2 weeks
and enjoy a revitalised life happily ever after
Suffer for 5.5yrs of detox after taking bad fat
Suffer entire life (if one don't even bother to detox!)
having leaky and malfunctioning fats in our every single cells

We know what we should do obviously =)

Happy life-transforming,
Kee Yew

p/s: in my students' project report on healthy oils , there are indications on how to choose a safer cooking oil :)

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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