Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stories Untold Behind Cancer (3)

So, what does it mean by
the systemic error or
the overall deteriorating body condition?

The explanation starts off from the 3 strategies
of body self-maintenance/defence:

Whether it is at macro bodily level or at the micro cellular or molecular level,
these 3 strategies are applied dedicatedly in the following order,
to ensure the survival of any organism on Earth:

(i) Prevention
(ii) Elimination
(iii) Self-Destruction and Repair

Two examples:

(A) Our immune system
adopts the above 3 sequential steps
to protect our body from being threatened by virus.

- when exposed to virus in the environment,
our body has skin, mucus and other physical structure/barrier
to prevent the external virus from entering our body.

- if the the 1st step somehow fails, and virus enters our body,
our immune cells will be deployed to eliminate the virus,
via compliment, anitbody, interferon secretion etc.

- if elimination fails, the virus continues to infect cells,
the immune cells will start destroying infected cells.
This is when "harmonising" with pathogens happens.
I.e. the destruction rate of infected cells breakeven with
the propagation rate of the virus.
As the process involves destruction of bodily cells,
repairing eventually follows.

(B) Our cellular system also adopt the same 3 strategies
to protect our DNA from being mutated by UV.

- when exposed to UV, our skin cells will excrete pigmentation
to absorb and hence prevent the DNA from being destroyed by UV

- if exposure to UV prolongs, and generated a lot of free radicals in the cell,
the cell will have some enzymes and antioxidants to eleminate the free-radicals

- if elimination fails, due to too much free radicals,
and free-radicals eventually mutated the DNA,
the mutated stretch of DNA will be destroyed and repaired.

The self-defence/maintenance system above
applies to our body at every level and perspective, all throughout.

If such system loses its integrity,
e.g. not well coordinated, not functioning optimally or fails entirely,
that is considered a systemic error or overall deteriorating body condition.

Usually, such systemic error is initiated by
toxins (heavy influx or fail to detox), lack of nutrients, poor blood circulation and stress.
The deteriorating body condition often could be hinted by acidic blood pH.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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