Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Financial Freedom A Deception?

A while ago,
a friend forwarded me a blog on
how one may perceive
the idea of financial freedom as a kind of

I agree to how the author pitched in his article
that the phrase "Finanicial Freedom" is overly abused,
and how many industries exploit this term to lure in a lot of funds,
sometimes unethically.

But this is again a same old debate of whether
money is the root of evil.

While money has always remains as tool,
it's human's greed and ignorance that bring about the adverse effects.

In the article, it was questioned whether
financial freedom is at all achievable for most of the people.

The answer should be a yes,
depending on how Financial Freedom is defined.

According to Harv Eker in The Secrets of Millionaire Mind,
Financial Freedom is achieved when
one's monthly passive/investment income exceeds
one's monthly expense.

The tricks in achieving financial freedom is
1. to gain financial IQ (ie humble and continuous learning)
2. to put in effort to set up platforms/systems for passive/investment income
3. to simplify lifestyle (ie reduce monthly expense in sensible manner)

A lot of people go thru' a lot of futile effort in wealth management
because at least one of the 3 above is missing,
and when one fails,
one decides to call oneself a victim and
conveniently denies the whole idea of financial freedom
(or even the necessity of money)

Watch what Robert Kiyosaki says
in this preview clip to his latest documentary on wealth:

In other words, as Kiyosaki puts it,
it's financial education and personal quality
that matters in financial success.

It's never been a money issue.

With gratitude,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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