Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fingerprints of the Gods

Multiple years back,
a nice friend of mine, Yuen Jian,
recommended this book
"Fingerprints of the Gods"
by Graham Hancock;
and I have since
changed my view on humanity.

It's not truly a religious book
as the title may suggest.

In one perspective,
it's actually a compilation of
a spectrum of interconnected stories on
the pre-historic civilisations,
the legacy of the lost civilisations and
the great wisdom of our ancestors.

In order to prove his stand on
pre-historic civilisation,
Hancock overlapped evidences from
numerous platforms
of archaeology, geology and astrology,
tapping on
logical scientific computing and
critical ancient myths deciphering.

I was totally mesmerised in
Hancock's sophisticated visualisation
of humanity beyond time and space.

But I was even more impressed with
the wisdom and will power of mankind
when it comes to perpetuating their legacy
to the next generation (ie next civilisation)...

That subsequently triggers
a sentiment within:
In contrast to our forefathers' contribution to humanity,
what have we, the children, done to the world today?

This book broadened my perception of
my personal life, humanity, the world and the universe.
I decided to see things from then on,
in unlimited dimensions, in unmeasurable scale and beyond self.

Hope you enjoy this book as much :)

Good weekend,
Kee Yew


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