Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do not take nutritional supplement until you read this!

A couple of years back,
I was in this seminar @ DBS Auditorium,
listening to a doctor-turn-nutritionist,
Dr Ray Strand
teaching some basic concepts of nutritional medicine.

All the way along,
there have been a lot of confusion
about the benefits/significance of
nutritional or dietary supplementation.

But Dr Strand pointed out in the seminar that
in order to reap significant benefits from nutritionals,
the following points need to be observed:

1) take a comprehensive blend of multiple nutrients
-- because nutrients don't work alone

2) take the right form of bodily active nutrients
(ie. take L-form instead of a mixture with toxic D-form)

3) take the optimal dosage rather than the basic RDA dosage
-- this is a dosage usually much higher than RDA level
in order to confer the effect of neutralisation of oxidative stress.

During the informative seminar,
Dr Strand also described
how his wife's life long multiple sclerosis,
that he himself as a doctor
(as well as his other specialist colleagues) couldn't even help,
got improved by just taking
a good blend of nutritional supplement.

It was his wife's 'miraculous' event
that initiated him to dive into nutritional-based medicine
in the past two decades and wrote this book
"What Your Doctor Doesn't Know
About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You".

In this book, Dr Strand shares his insight on
the ignorance of doctors in nutrition,
the outdated concept of one-drug-treating-one-disease,
the treatment of degenerative diseases
from the perspective of oxidative stress and self healing.

If you believe that prevention is better than cure,
Dr Strand's book and his website are not to be missed.

Happy Learning!

Best regards,
Kee Yew

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