Friday, July 10, 2009

Can we handle the food of future?

A couple of years ago,
I came across this documentary
"The Future of Food"
that I always feel compelled
to share with my friends.

It's a sincere documentary that
narrates, analyses and criticises
the history of and the drive behind
the evolving forms of our food.

It describes how our food agriculture has
gone from all-natural-organic not so long ago
to pesticide-infested
to frankenstein-GMO in recent decade.

Food is not food nowadays,
it's a compound that is seen as a fuel
to drive the economy and
to fulfill the greed of
some monstrous corporates.
That's my personal perception
after watching this documentary.

Another sentiment
that was triggered by the film
was that we seriously need a lot more good will
to counterfeit the conspiracies behind
the disheartening food politics today.

If this introductory trailer on youtube
interests you,
you may want to get a copy of the DVD
to support the good cause.

Intensive public education is urgently needed.

With metta,
Kee Yew


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