Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Global Positioning System for the Soul

Since young,
I have always been fascinated with philosophy.
Altho' I have never aspired to become a philospher,
I feel philosophy is essential in life management.

To me, philosophy is like a navigator device,
or Global Positioning System
that directs the course of one's life
-- if one is ever concerned where one is heading to.

Knowing my interest in philosophies,
Yuen Jian, a good friend of mine,
recommended me this book 7 years ago:
"Anthology of Yi Jing Lectures"《易经杂说
by Nan Huai-Jin (南怀瑾).

Yi Jing (The Sutra of Change, literally)
is an ancient Chinese Philosophy,
which originated from
a "Heavenly Book without Scripture" (无字天书)
which is very hard to comprehend.
(could be a legacy of the civilisation from previous ice-age??)

In this book,
Nan Huai-Jin explained the philosophy of Yi Jing
in a simple language,
just suitable for a layman/beginner like myself.

According to Nan Huai-Jin,
the essence of Yi Jing is to depict
two fundamental universal laws:

>> everything in the universe changes
throughout all dimensions
(ie over time, over space etc)

>> everything in the universe comprises
of both tangible and intangible components.

Based on these two fundamental cores,
one just need to observe the surroundings carefully,
and would be able foresee the future trends.

Hence, by understanding Yi Jing,
one may strategise
to steer one's life into desired paths or
to navigate out of any calamity/misfortune.

This high end GPS for the Soul
is not to be missed.

Happy reading =)
Kee Yew


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