Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to carve a statue of glory with our teeth :B

When I first became a vegetarian 7 years ago,
it was mainly due to the desperate search for
inner peace and a better health.

Soon after that,
I gathered from my vegetarian friends
at the Vegetarian Society
that going vegetarian is more than just
a compassion and wellness affair.

It's also a glorious mission to
conserve the environment and
sustain the resources on Earth.

This is mainly because the way mankind
consumes meat in large scale is actually very inefficient
in term of energy and resource usage.

This powerpoint slide "Diet and Earth"
will give a good picture :)

So, when cutting down or refraining from meat,
we naturally fulfill our obligation as an Earthling,
reducing the wastage of
the blessings from Mother Earth.

We heard we can dig our own graves with our teeth
(if we do not eat healthily).

Now, we also know we can carve a statue of glory
with the very same set of teeth.

The much-talked-about environmental issue
actually boils down to a choice of wisdom =)

Well wishes,
Kee Yew


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