Friday, July 24, 2009

True Health Begins From Deep Within

4 years ago,
when I first follow through
a comprehensive Juice Detoxification exercise
under the guidance of Ms Sim,
I was advised to undergo Colonic Irrigation.

I was told that the intoxification of the body
usually starts from the colon.
It is when the colon is overwhelmed with
too much toxin (from our bad food),
that the excessive toxins
will overflow, in sequential order,
into liver, kidney, blood, skin and other organs..

However, then,
due to my personal pyschological barrier
-- I was seriously intimidated by the idea of
shafting a tube through the anus
and pumping water into the colon,
I decided to dismiss
that particular module in my Detox procedure.

I was hoping that 16 days of Juice Detox
would be sufficient to purge out all the toxins in my gut.

Altho' the Detox went ok eventually,
I only found out much later that the detox was not
quite comprehensive as I thought,
due to the missing colonic cleansing module!

A year later, under the encouragement of
another great teacher of mine (Glenis Lim),
I decided to try out Colonic Irrigation with
a reputated and professional healing centre,
Hydro Health @ Paragon Medical Centre, Orchard.

At the centre, I was told by my colonic therapist that
I had serious dirt accumulation in my colon,
despite my 4 years of organic vegetarian diet prior to that.
This reflected my mistake for not heeding Ms Sim's advice
to perform colonic irrigation during the 16-day Detox.

At Hydro Health, colonic irrigation is performed
under the care of trained therapists,
using advanced, safe and hygienic facilities.

If one is interested to revamp their health,
this could be a good way to jump start;
as colonic health plays a pivotal role in
overall bodily wellness.

Well wishes,
Kee Yew


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