Thursday, July 2, 2009

We are moving into Ice Age in 10 Years!

I was at this beach cleaning session
a couple of weeks ago, and
had a conversation with Esther, a staff from
the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC).

I expressed my concern about the ice cap at the North Pole
melting within the next year or so
and Esther added:
"...if we were to continue the current pace of pollution,
experts say we could be going into Ice Age in 10 Years!"

The melting ice cap was already bad enough and
I definitely didn't expect
an Ice Age in my life time.
I was shocked and terrified!

Understood that there is no point worrying
a predicted outcome that has not even come yet.
But we really need to take action immediately to
eliminate any chance for that kind of thing to happen.

-- talking about pollution,
I wasvery impressed when my yoga friend, Bala recommended me
this website a few years ago:

There is this cartoon flash movie on this website
explaining how pollution is actually heavily driven by

After the flash movie,
it's not hard to agree that
the true way to help save the Earth from an accelerated Ice Age
would be a strategic cut down on consumerism globally.
Otherwise, how 'reducing' a few plastic bags per day
is going to catch up with the speed of rubbish output nowadays?


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