Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Vegan Foods

One common question
that many beginner vegans may ask:
"If we are not taking whole milk and eggs,
is there a vegan equivalent of all-in-one whole food?"

The answer is positve! =)

From what I learnt from one of my amazing teachers,
Ms Sim (an alternative healing therapist),
Spirulina and Sprouts are two super-duper
whole foods for vegans!

Spirulina is a kind of good bacterium
that looks like alga or plant,
comprising a comprehensive range of nutrients.
It supplies
a complete range of amino acids,
loads of vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients,
minerals, chlorophyll etc...

What's more this food is easy to digest,
alkaline and highly bio-available.
The quality and bio-absorption of
protein in Spirulina is equivalent to that of beef!

Organic Spirulina is available at LHW Healthy Mini Store

Sprouts which is another type of super-duper food
because it contains
a very complete nutritional profile
to sustain a new life and
a broad range of live enzymes (when taken raw)
to support an active lifestyle!

Similar to Spirulina, the nutrients in Sprouts are
very bioavailable, alkaline and easy to digest.

Fresh sprouts are available at many supermarkets,
or one may choose to do own sprouting at home.

Sprouting is easy, just follow the steps in
Easy Sprouting Protocol

Happy Experimenting!

Well wishes,
Kee Yew



  1. Hi K. Yew,

    I've stopped Bin from taking spirulina for quite some time, he tend to get very heaty.

    Is spirulina and alfalfa high in B12 only? No other source, unless he take supplements?

    BTW, is avocado belonging to the heaty type of fruit?


  2. if a balanced and non-biased diet is observed, nothing should be too heaty or too cooling..

    for B12, can try Nutritional Yeast (not Brewer Yeast). B12 in Spirulina is still debatable..
    worst case, need to take a bit of 'Usanimal' multivits from USANA.

    avocado is good.. but coconut flesh blended with coconut water into raw coconut milk is even better :D

  3. Thanks for your comment.

    However, B12 content in nutritional yeast is very low (esp if you buy local brand like Tops etc).

    Coconut milk? Worried that it's too cooling for him. My boy is less than 3 years old ... Maybe I should try that out.

  4. if B12 is too low in nutritional yeast,
    then can try Red Star (UK brand) Vegemite.. not sure where to get in Sg.
    Otherwise, try B12-fortified organic plant milk or multivits.

    Coconut water is cooling.. but if blended with flesh, it's balanced ;)

    Can also blend along with papaya, it will taste v good!!


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