Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raw Food with the OMMH! (2)

While self-digestive enzyme remains
the magical key to motivate people go raw diet
so as to look younger and to be more energetic,
other supportive reasons to go raw, includes:

^preservation of the natural activity of the nutrients
      because heat from cooking sometimes damages
      the function of certain nutrients,
      one example is that heat will degrade Vitamin C.

^free of toxic by-products that arise from heating of food
      because many a time, heating induces chemical reaction among nutrients,
      forming substances that are not natural and toxic to our bodily system
      one example is heated oil that leads to formation of carcinogens

^bioavailability of some nutrients may be higher
      because heating sometimes damages/complicates
      the molecular structure of some nutrients,
      and subsequently causes the body's extra effort to convert it back to natural form or
      to break down to smaller form before assimilation.
      one example is heat-denatured proteins that needs extra step
      to be hydrolysed before assimilation
     *contraditively, heating is required to make
       some other nutrients(e.g. lycopene) readily absorbable.

^less food additives/chemicals
      because raw food is never processed and hence
      the lower chance of contamination of addivitives/chemical
      one example is fresh fruit juice
      vs bottled juice pasteurised and preserved by benzoates

Here is one of many testimonials of the benefits of going raw:

Getting moved to try out raw diet?

Don't rush..
Wait till the next blog post.
-- There are pre-requisites to go raw!.. hehehe..

Come back soon,
Kee Yew


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