Friday, June 25, 2010

Raw Food with the OMMH! (1)

The trend of going for raw diet
is catching some attention these days,
while the concept of going vegan is also fast spreading.
-- this is a very good sign and ought to be congratulated :D

Along the years,
when I conducted classes on vegetarian wellness,
often I get questions of all sorts, substantially asking about:
- how to balance our nutrition by going raw
- whether raw is too "yin"/"cooling"
- is there more tasty ways to prepare raw meals

Recently, a friend of mine who has been attempting
on a partial raw diet,
came to me with the exact same complaints as listed above.
That triggers me on writing up this series of blog
on clarifying some facts and myths about raw diet.

First thing that needs to be clarified is
why go raw?

One of the major reason is that
raw food contains self-digesting enzymes.

This self-digesting enzymes mainly comes from
lysosome, a cellular compartment that is meant for
degrading waste/toxic substance in every single living cells.

When a cell is alive,
these self-digesting enzymes are organised and contained tightly in
the lysosome compartment to prevent leakage into other parts of the cells
-- otherwise, anything that comes in contact with lysosome content
will be digested/degraded.

But when a cell is ruptured,
the lysosome enzymes will leak out and blindly degrade anything that
it comes in contact with.

When we eat raw food,
cells are ruptured by chewing, or dissolved by gastric juices,
releasing the food-originated digestive enzymes
into our gastro-intestinal tract.

That in turn makes our food more quickly/efficiently digested
with less participation of digestive enzymes secreted by our own body.

Everything is energy.
That includes digestive enzymes.
If we were to eat food that will naturally self-digest itselves,
our body will save a lot of energy producing our own enzymes.

With that energy savings,
our body could redistribute energy resources to other parts of our body,
especially where healing is needed.

This further implies that
when we save energy when eating raw foods,
our body could channel energy
  to our brain for quicker thinking,
  to our immune system for disease prevention,
  to our skin for better complexion
  to many other organs for enhanced functions =)

More RAW info to come...

Good day,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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