Sunday, June 27, 2010

Raw Food with the OMMH! (3)

Like many things in life,
things don't come easy and
things come with a cost or are tied with 'terms and conditions'.

It's true that going raw vegan
isn't a diet as complicated as rocket science,
but it's important that one abide by certain 'rules'
when participating in 'the game'.

Exactly why some of my students asked:
would raw diet be sufficiently nutritious/nutritionally balanced?

The answer is yes, if one plays by the rules =)

Rule 1:
Remember always that
one should not be selective with their food,
given any diet/regime they are undertaking.
Being selective about food, will obviously deprive
one from getting full spectrum of nutrition from the already limited
choice of raw food sources.
This is the #1  pre-requisite one needs to fulfill
before plunging into raw food diet.

Extended from the principle above,
it's also important to have easy/ready access to
wide variety of fresh produce
to ensure comprehensive nourishment.
(special note: Singapore which imports 90% of her food, may pose a bigger challenge to go totally raw)

Rule 2:
Access to organic food.
Raw food, is not just about eating non-cooked food.
It's actually about life-force and robust nourishment
(when eating right).
Organic food provides higher nutritients and life force
compared to chemically grown ones.
Hence, in order to ensure optimal nourishment,
organic food source is essential for raw foodists.

Many raw amateurs/beginners simply do not meet the first two pre-requisites,
hence the concern of balanced nutrients when they go raw.

Rule 3:
Dedicated to do sprouting and fermantation on weekly basis.
From TCM point of view,
fruits, leafy vegetables (as frequently seen in salad and raw smoothies)
are cooling.
These food groups are even more cooling, when eaten raw, generally speaking.
In order to counterbalance the Yin element predominating in raw diet,
it's important to take seeds which are of Warm/Yang.
Seeds are usually toxic (to different extent) when taken raw.
Hence, the only way to eat seeds raw is by sprouting
to do away the toxin.

Also, sprouting offers tremendous life-force in the raw food
(sprouts are not just alive but actively, robustly alive).
This consequently will provide raw foodists with
vigour, stamina and dynamic speed.

Fermented food (e.g. rejuvelac, raw vegan cheese)
which comprise of actively dividing live bacteria,
offers the similar benefits as sprouted seeds.

If the 3 pre-requisites above are fulfilled,
one will be on smoother path towards raw veganism.

Well regards,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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