Monday, June 28, 2010

Raw Food with the OMMH! (4)

Getting started with raw diet,
need a bit of preparation,
on top of fullfilling the 3 pre-requisites.

As one may see in most raw vegan recipes,
a lot of juicing and blending are required.
Hence, preparing the relevant kitchen equipment
would be a logical next step.

They are:

Basically any decent juicer will do;
altho a press juicer is preferred over a centrfugal juicer,
as there is less damage done when juice is pressed out.
A good durable press juicer
may cost SGD600-1000.

Often people get this mixed up with juicer.
A blender is one that blends everything of a fruit,
a long with fiber and seeds.
The outcome is usually a thick liquid.
A good blender is required to make
the blended food smooth and fine;
also to save ingredients and cost.
Nothing get sieved out and wasted.
A favourable super blender
may cost SGD1000-1600.

Food processor:
This is not essential, if a super blender already exists.
But, this equipment may help to make
a lot of healthy salad cream, nut butter or even raw cakes!
-- to cheer up our life =)
A normal grade food processor
may cost about SGD100-250.

Yes, after the 3 pre-requisites,
it's investment.
They are inevitable.

Going raw isn't an overnight affair.
If one is not well educated, well prepared, well equiped,
any diet regime simply won't work.

That is why there is no need to rush.
As a start, perhaps one could go through
a year of transition,
slowly increase the portion of raw food
and decrease the portion of cooked food.

That will give one ample of time to
get educated (e.g. attending raw cooking classes),
restructure one's lifestyle,
and save up to buy those expensive equipment!!

So, get prepared!

Happy learning,
Kee Yew

p/s: Incidentally, I will be conducting a Biogenic raw food worshop on 17th July @ Onaka . Enquiry @ 6464 2007.

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