Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surprises in Hong Kong and China (3)

One more surprise was my encounter with
a TCM professor in Zhuhai.
That basically worthed my 3D2N visit to the humble city.

The professor's name was Dr Wu Zhi Wu.

My gang and I was on a 1-day tour in Zhuhai,
during which we visited
a Traditional Chinese & Tibetan Medical Centre.
(a routine marketing component of any China tour)

Despite the obvious marketing scheme,
I kept my mind open,
and took up their offer
to get free consultation from a TCM doctor during visit.
Professor Wu Zhi Wu was my consultant.

The reason I was surprised to meet Dr Wu,
was that, for many years,
I haven't met a doctor whom I can seriously communicate with
-- and communicate in quality and quantity.

During the entire consultation session
which lasted more than 1hr, (close to 1.5hr),
Dr Wu was acting like my university lecturer,
tutoring me about TCM principles to heal (in broad view)
on top of discussing my personal bodily weakness (in narrow view).

His sincerity to heal and pass on
the self-diagnosis & self-healing knowledge
touched me.

Notably and amazingly,
when I told him that I am also in healing business
he gave me some useful tips:

Tip 1. People nowadays are generally stressed.
Offering nutritionals that help people to relax/destress/sleep,
will naturally resolve many of their health problems.

Tip 2. Singapore is surrounded by sea and the humidity
affects the lungs and consequently causes sinus.
Offering nutritionals which can strengthen their lung,
will resolve the increasingly common sinus problem.

I wholehearted accepted his blessing
and felt grateful to meet a doctor who truly
heals (by education).

At the end of the session,
Dr Wu heart-warmingly gave me his QQ number
and told me I could consult him online anytime.

I eventually bought some herbal powder from
the medical centre (according Dr Wu's prescription),
to strengthen my health foundation.
After taking it for 2 weeks,
the herbs were already working!

I couldn't be more grateful.

This tour to HK-China is one of the most wonderful trips
in recent years indeed!!

Kee Yew

p/s: Another small surprise was that, I paid for 2 month's of supply of herbal powder, and now looking closely at the sheer amount they gave me, I think it may last me for 4-5months! The medical centre do very well in sales and marketing, but do even better in giving true value to people.

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Hi Kee Yew

    Wonderful to hear that you are supporting organic and vegetarism. I am also starting out switching to vegetarian meals since three years ago and am still learning more. I also shared my vegetarian cooking experiments in my blog

    I am also a simple Buddhist practitioner. I have blogged on my dharma participations in my personal blog, which you are invited to read if you like. :)

    Do keep sharing more about your journey on holistic wellness.

  2. Hi hi Evermetta,

    Good to know you :D
    Great to know there are more vegetarians out there propagating wholesome and healthful diet :)

    Ur websites are brilliant!

    Kee Yew


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