Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fermenting for Life Force Nourishment

Black Bean Yoghurt
with germinated nuts,
is full of life force
In The Veg School's Veg Nutrition Course,
I often encourage students to consume

not only
Nutritious Food with a broad spectrum of nutrients
from 6 plant parts with 5 colours

but also
Life Force Food which are rich in the 3 elements of
   (1) Water
   (2) Oxygen
   (3) Minerals
as summarised in this Level 4 reminder card
often given out to students of Veg Nutrition Course.

A very good example of Life Force Food is

as we are now living in an era where cows are abused,
and dairy milks are intoxicated with antibiotics and hormones,
it's recommendable to take plant based yoghurt.

One of my favourite vegan yoghurt is
made of organic black bean milk.

Here is my favourite life force recipe to share:

Plain Organic Black Bean Powder (or Organic Soy Powder)
..... 60g

Filtered water
..... 300mL   [ie 100mL/20g powder]

Molasses sugar powder
..... 1tsp

Clinical grade vegan Probiotics (or any vegan yoghurt starter)
..... 12billion cfu

1. Dissolve and homogenize Black Bean powder in water.

2. Bring to boil in a stainless steel pot, switch off fire, put on the lid and let cool down for 1 hour. -- boiling is critical, as boiling can sterilize the milk and ensure the success of good bacteria growth later.

3. Test the pot whether it has cooled enough by holding your palm on pot for 15-30 sec.
    ~If yes, proceed to next step.
    ~If you can't hold for more than 15 sec,
       it's still too hot for inoculating the starter Probiotics.
       Let cool down further for 15min
       or until you can just hold your palm on the pot for 15-30sec.
     -- don't over cool the plant milk,
        otherwise, yoghurt fermentation later will be less efficient.
       Some warmth is essential in yoghurt making.

4. When the pot is cool enough, add in Probiotics and homogenize.
5. Put on the lid and leave at a corner in room temperature for 18 hours.
    (Probiotics grow more slowly in plant milk compared to dairy,
     hence the longer hours of fermentation)

6.  The yoghurt is ready.
     Before consuming,
     save about 50mL as the starter culture (to make 500mL yoghurt)
     for the next batch of yoghurt making.
     Chill the remainder of the yoghurt up to 3-4 days in the fridge.

Regular consumption of vegan yoghurt
with some pre-soaked nuts/seeds and fresh colourful fruits in the morning
will naturally bring about life force
for the benefits of anti-aging, better skin, stronger immunity
and more vibrant digestive track ^.^

Bon Apetito!
Kee Yew

p/s: I personally prefer O'Tigres brand Black Soy Powder from Biogreen's (which is pre-sprouted for less acidity and more nutrients bioavailability). Probiotics wise, I personally prefer USANA's one, as it gives consistent result and fruity flavour after fermenting. You are welcome to go any USANA branches in the world and quote my ID 3134793 for discounted member price, without joining as a member.

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