Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interpreting the good will of an Ex-Vegan (3)

Our body manufactures
its own cholesterol,
hence void the need
of external intake. 
Another argument that my friend parroted from the ex-vegan author
was that:

E.g.3. Cholesterol is good, as it is the body's substance for self-repair.
-- Knowing that the major external source of cholesterol is from animal-based food,
the statement above was justifying that it's beneficial to take food of animal-origin.

>> same drill, it doesn't paint a complete picture:

>> Cholesterol-related cardiovascular diseases has long been
used by vegetarian advocates as a reason to advise against animal-based food.
but sometimes it is not adequately explained.

>> Cholesterol is a naturally occurring and essential metabolite
that is important for our well being (cell division, hormonal balance etc).
Our body can synthesise it ourselves.

>> By taking in improper amount of cholesterol via animal-based foods,
it will upset the delicate balance/ratio of the cholesterol subtypes (HDL, LDL etc),
hence subjecting ourselves to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

>> The take home message from the ex-vegan author is that
vegetarians/vegans should continue to take good plant fats
to support the manufacture of our own cholesterol
to maintain a healthy body.

Deep down, it's an endless debate between animal-based and plant-based diets.
By harping on scientific findings to prove that one diet is more beneficial/natural than another
may just be a convenient way to enhance one's pre-existing beliefs (either animal or plant-inclined).
It's not comprehensive and actually do little in convincing people (by my personal prejudice)

Going veg naturally will face some hurdles.
Instead of taking a convenient excuse to switch to flesh
(which will then bring another set of problems),
we could persist to embrace a diet that do good
to our environment, our animals and our generations to come,
while putting in effort to solve the problems of
improper eating habit, food preparation and food manufacturing.
(which are the factors that truly compromise the quality of vegetarian diet).

By good will,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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