Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maximising the usage of a piece of paper

A friend of mine, Eric, was sharing with me
that his kid was taught at school
how to make good use of a one-sided used paper,
by doing some simple origami tricks.

Although I already have a habit of
using the blank side of used paper,
I find that this origami technique
converting a 1-side-used A4 paper
into 8 pages of all clean mini booklet
really useful.

Usually when I use the blank side of a used paper as draft paper,
I tend to write draw/write randomly
across the wide surface, hence wasting a lot blank space.
When an A4 paper is folded into a mini 8-page booket,
it kind of restraints my "font size" and makes better use of the space
-- maximising the space usage (even tho' it's used draft paper).. hehehe..

I have been using these mini booklet (pocket size) for 4 months now,
and I feel good squeezing out the maximum blank space of a used paper =)
Hence would like to share this with my friends here,
in line with environmental conservation.

This kind gesture for Mother Earth is a tiny one,
but I believe it will have a ripple effect
in other parts of our lives,
to be more environmental conscious,
when we constantly get reminded by
these mini-booklets carried in our pockets everyday!!

Here are the protocols.
If a 1-sided-used paper is used, there will be 8 clean pages,
if a totally blank paper is used, then there will be 16 clean mini pages!!

8-16page mini-booklet origami:

If you really have tiny hand writing, can try the advanced version..:P :P
16-32page mini-booklet origami:

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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