Monday, January 17, 2011

Interpreting the good will of an Ex-Vegan (2)

Low GI whole grains protects
vegetarians from diabetes
My friend found the book convincing because the author provided a lot of scientific reasonings.
A scientific observation may be solid,
but it remains a superficial phenomenon if we do not fit a good purpose behind.
Ultimately, it's the interpretation that matters.
By good will, shall we communicate, be it through voice or via pen.

A second plant-based issue that my friend pointed out was
(as per the ex-vegan author explained):

E.g.2. "A diet rich in carbohydrates wears out the body's ability to regulate blood sugar. eventually leading to type 2 diabetes. The book claims that there is no difference between simple and complex carbohydrates."
>> based on the above statement, vegetarian who is naturally carbo-inclined (due to no meat intake), would have been exposed to high risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

>> Again, the scientific facts provided was partially true,
but it doesn't paint out a complete picture.

>> Although insulin-dependent Type 2 Diabetes
is related to constant and overwhelming sugar spike in the blood,
sugar intake is not exactly the root of diabetes.

>> It is true that scientific evidences showed that simple and complex carbohydrates
do not necessary relate, respectively, to faster and slower sugar absorption into bloodstream.
There are examples like fructose (a simple sugar) elevate the blood sugar level slowly,
while complex sugar like starch (when processed) can spike up the blood sugar level very quickly.

>> Hi-carbo vegetarians hence need to take note of
the Glycemic Index (GI) of the carbo food they are taking.
The lower the GI, the slower the sugar get absorbed into blood stream,
hence harmonising with the feedback mechanism of insulin (i.e. won't cause diabetes).
>> Foods with low GI are unrefined whole grains
(tho' they are starchy, but the fibre and minerals in the cereal brans lower the GI).
Vegetarians are absolutely safe to go big on whole grains carbo.

>> The ex-vegan author was simply reminding fellow vegetarians/vegans
not to take processed and refined carbo (be it simple or complex).

>> Ultimately, it's a matter of correct food preparation and correct eating,
nothing to do with veg or non-veg.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

p/s: The whole issue of Type II diabetes is more complicated than just a sugar-centric issue.
I will be writing a blog series on diabetes in near future, especially to point out,
diabetes is ironically more related to protein and fats intake!

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