Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adjusting towards a holistic life path (8)

While my new life now is gradually settling down
after the "turbulent" last quarter of 2010,
I am beginning to feel recharged and refreshed :)

Life wise, I am getting little bit more organised,
and getting more disciplined
(waking up before 5.30am every morning!
-- how I enjoy being an early bird now :D )

Work wise, I am catching up with new skills
on how to identify diseases of trees,
learning about the life cycles of insects and fungus,
as well as the behaviour of plant viral infection patterns.
(-- I got a lot of inspiration from these small organisms!)

The next episode

When I am finally fully recharged,
the next steps would be

(||) writing my second book on Vegetarian Basics (a long overdue project),
      -- three boddhisatvas have already promised to fully fund the printing of this book
          so that this book would benefit the broad public at zero cost.

(||) designing course syllabi for The Veg School (opening in Sept '11)
      -- cracking my head to come up with creative content and
          audience-ngaging teaching techniques for the benefits of TVS students. 


(||) continue to upgrade myself with financial education (which I am very weak in).
     -- will be attending intermediate level Forex trading course after CNY and
         participating in Eker's Guerilla Business Intensive workshop in June
         to improve financial wellness.

Grounded in gratitude

For the past few months,
I am very happy that I took the leap
to step out of my comfort zone,
going through some strain,
to re-adjust my lifetyle and to re-align my spiritual core
towards a more holistic being.

During the process, I am particularly grateful
to my family, friends, partners, ex-colleagues and new colleagues
who have been supportive for the change and
have been patient with the inconveniences and interruption
that I likely have imposed on their life paths.

Thank you for lending a listening ear on this series of blog.
I hope, by being honestly out-spoken in cyber public
will concrete my promise to the benefit all sentient beings
and strengthen the bond/understanding between myself and readers.

May all be well in the new year of 2011.

By good will,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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