Thursday, January 27, 2011

The critical veg issue of Vitamin B12 (2)

Note the Cobalt ion in
every single B12 molecule.
In the past few years, I have observed that
the Vitamin B12 issue among the veg community
is actually caused by :

      i.  the lack of education/awareness
         (rather than the lack of info, as there is plenty around)  or
      ii. the unwillingness to accept proper information
         (due to personal prejudices which will be explained later)

The lack of education mainly pertains to knowing the right source of Vitamin B12:

Where to get B12?

- B12 is a vitamin that no animal and no plant can synthesize.

Hence, theoretically, it's impossible to rely on flesh or vegetables to get B12.

It has to be synthesized by bacteria and limited fungi,
under two essential conditions:
a. the presence of light;
b. the presence of cobalt mineral.

[As a special notion,
non-veg usually get their B12 from meat
which are always heavily contaminated by bacteria.]

- Other than meat (which was a minor B12 source in the past),
our ancestors usually got their B12 via
good bacteria on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables
as well as natural spring/underground water (with good bacteria).

Nowadays, our natural and major B12 sources are compromised,
due chemical farming and chemical treatment of tap water.

This is why the veg community tend to be deficient of B12
-- basically, there is little access to natural source of B12
(animal source isn't a optimal way to get B12 neither, due to the toxic trade-off)

- The reliable B12 sources recommended by veg authorities such as, are:
      i.  fortified manufactured foods (with added B12) and
      ii. Vitamin B12 supplements.

The inconvenient truth above,
is what causes some veg who are constantly in denial of  the world we live in,
to insist that they could get good B12 source by
the good-o-natural way.
[pardon the tone of this paragraph, this serves an important purpose, by good will]

Coming up... we will discuss about some
misleading sources of B12 (which some veg buy into under the name of 'naturalism'').
and a few alternative-but-rare sources of B12 (i.e. not always accessible and reliable)

With deep sincerity,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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